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Blue Buffalo Blue Freedom Grain Free Indoor Mature Cat Chicken Recipe Dry Food will keep your old purring buddy in the lap of mouth-watering luxury. Even though your cats getting on in years doesnt mean his/her diet should suffer. With this dry kibble, he/she will be provided with plenty of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and proteinsall perfectly balanced to match your indoor mature cats level of activity. Blue Buffalo Blue Freedom Grain Free Indoor Mature Cat Chicken Recipe Dry Food is made with no grains, wheat or corn.

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I just read your review of Blue Buffalo cat food. Thank you for the good information. I also think it’s to be applauded that Blue Buffalo has it on their website. I will keep it in mind. However, the case usually boils down that you get what you pay for.

Blue Buffalo Mature Cat at PetFoodDirect

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Mature Adult Chicken Canned Cat Food I am SO confused! I hear about all the illnesses and fatalities with this Blue Buffalo pet food for Dogs AND Cats,some are very recent in the last couple months,YET they are suddenly airing commercials on television again. How? Did they make some modifications? Was this ever tested by the FDA or whomever tests it? Ill say what I DO KNOW,i have 2 very young cats,not even a year old yet,they fell in love with the kitten food but once they had it so many times,1 started to vomit and thats when i put a sudden stop to it and threw away what was left! Id REALLY like to know how they are doing adverts on TV if its not safe as of a month ago,clearly not everyone is all that aware of this problematic product yet! Thats so scary!

Blue Buffalo BLUE Wilderness Chicken Recipe Cat Food for Mature Cats

We changed to BB cat food about a year ago. We have 5 cats ( born at our home) the tuxedo cats have always have excessive shedding and dander, after a short time on BB their coats became slick and shinny and the dander stopped. You think, Wonderful, no! One of our tuxedo cats started going to the litter box excessively, we took her to our vet and he kept her over the weekend to do tests, result, UTI with blood and crystals in her urine. We thought we were giving our cats the best by feeding them BB. Now our vet says NOT to give this one cat (a female) BB and he has put her on Hills SD. I have fed our dog and cats Hills before and ended up throwing away more than they ate, but after this information from our vet and the thought that we caused our cat pain and distress we are rethinking using BB in our house at all. I want to make sure everyone understands, I AM NOT BEING PAID nor AM I CONNECTED to ANY COMPETITOR of the BLUE BUFFALO brand. I am a pet owner who that’s very deeply the care and health of the animals we have in our home. MY BAD!

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