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My cats love the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Salmon Recipe canned cat food. Two days out of the week I feed my cats this particular product. Both my cats love this canned salmon and gobble it up. I like that this particular brand of cat food does not contain grains and is free of fillers. The salmon canned cat food is high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

Like the dry cat foods made by this brand, it has improved my cats fur coats and has given them a major boost or energy. This canned cat food does not upset my cats stomach and they are at a healthy stable weight.

Previously to purchasing this canned cat food, my cats didn't really care much for other canned cat foods. This brand of cat foods is their all time favorite. I now only purchase this brand for the dietary needs. Yes this brand of cat food is a bit more pricey than others but well worth the price. My cats have never looked or felt better. I highly recommend this product.

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Jump to Dry Cat Food Recipe Review: Blue Buffalo Basics Adult Grain-Free .. I have two cats. One of them I have been feeding Blue Buffalo to since he is 6 weeks old. He is now 4. He favors dry food and has never had wet food. He is 5 pounds heavier than his litter mates. I know because I am in touch with people who adopted them. Thinking I was giving my furry family members only the best, I got a kitten a year ago and also put her on Blue Buffalo. She favors wet food. Blue Buffalo is so incredibly expensive, but I thought this is the best out there and it is worth it! I have had nothing but problems with the little female on the Blue wet food. She vomits constantly and recently started peeing. Not in a territorial spraying way. But she would pee in the bed while sleeping. I would always attribute her problems to her feral ways thinking it was just taking her some time to adjust to the indoors. I feel so incredibly bad now reading these reviews and I am just horrified that it never once crossed my mind that this top of the line amazing brand was the culprit behind my poor kitten's issues. Shame on Blue Buffalo. Time to switch to a MUCH safer brand and save major money in the process.

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I purchased the BB dry cat food for my two cats. They were both previously on Hills Science diet dry cat food and had no GI issues. I switched to blue buffalo because it was cheaper and supposedly a good product. I still had some of my other cat food left so I transitioned my youngest cat to the BB food first. She didn't like the food, but I figured that she just needed some time to get used to it...Then she developed hard dry poop in a couple days even though she was continuing to drink plenty of water. My other cat was switched to the BB food three days ago. He immediately developed diarrhea. My cats have never had GI issues like this. I am so thankful to have discovered this site and read through your stories before my cats became sicker. I'm switching back to Hills today. Blue Buffalo really needs to take some responsibility for their product...Too many poor animals are getting sick.

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