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While I don't often do this with cats, I do use this technique to calm down scared puppies when I am grooming them for the first time. Not only does blinking slowly communicate relaxation, but your own facial expression as a whole shows you are relaxed. That in turn causes the puppy, or cat, to relax more. I groom cats, but don't usually look them in the eye while I'm working as they are typically stressed beyond blinking-help anyway. Cats and dogs are very receptive to the minute changes in our facial expressions and our body postures. I wouldn't necessarily say that blinking at your cat tells them you love them, but it will convey a sense of calm and happiness, which could be seen as 'love'.

Do cats blink to ask for food or when they’re sleepy, unhappy or just plain lazy?

cat kisses to me are either them giving me eskimo kisses (them rubbing their nose against mine) or me kissing their the outside of their ears.. (how much do cats love that!!)
tho all cats have an affinity when you do ‘sexy eyes’ (cat kisses) the narrowing/blinking thing..
If only men were as easy to work out, understand and trust as cats! x

All Of Your Cat's Blinks, Mews And Meows Apparently Mean ..

Whatever the reason is, we must start with the question – is there a need for cats to blink? Cats use postures and movement to communicate a wide range of information. There are various responses such as when cats arch their backs, erect their hairs and adopt a sideward posture to communicate fear or aggression. Others may be only a single behavioural change (as perceived by humans) such as slowly blinking to signal relaxation.

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You may already know some of these feline pain signals: a cat that sits in a hunched posture or that persistently licks one spot on its body is probably hurting. But not everyone knows these three signs that a cat is in acute pain: dilated pupils, panting and uncontrolled blinking, all of which are identified in the study authored by Isabella Merola and Daniel S. Mills from the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom. The researchers compiled a cross-checked a list of 91 behavioral signs of pain in cats, and narrowed the list down to 25. The article, “Behavioural Signs of Pain in Cats: An Expert Consensus,” was published February 24 in the scientific journal and involved clinicians with specialties in internal medicine, anaesthesiology, cancer, dentistry, behavior and neurology. Here are the signs:

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