Cat pee definitely shows up under a black light

Nothing is more frustrating than searching for the source of cat urine odor. Black light technology makes use of special ultra-violet rays which are on the same wavelength as biological waste, such as , thus turning a tedious task into a breeze. Other side uses for black lights include detection of ringworm.

A Blacklight urine detector cause urine to glow yellow for easy location

Although the source of cat urine is often hard to find, you can pinpoint it fairly easily using a simple UV light. As funny as it sounds, cat urine glows under UV, or "black" light, which is a type of light that we can't visibly see (like infrared radiation, or microwave radiation). Turns out, tanning beds aren't the only thing artificial UV light is good for!

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Ultraviolet LED Handheld Blacklight Flashlight UV Pet Dog Cat Urine And Stain FOR SALE • $15.98 • See Photos This is for if you ever do find the spot..and if it's cat might not be since you can't find it with a black light..does it smell like ammonia? Worst comes to worst... use the above suggestion on the whole carpet.

Find stinky hidden cat urine fast with the Sink Finder

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Ultra-Violet Light finds invisible sources of urine odor

The programmed UV wavelength is set for 390-400nm nanometers to not only find DRY dog and cat urine spots, but also arthropods like scorpions. You will be simply amazed on the variety of fluorescence that will show up underneath the UV flashlight black light.UV Blacklight Flashlight - 51 LED 395NM - Scorpion Finder, Dog and Cat Urine & Stain Detector. Just because you can't see a stain doesn't mean you can't smell it. Invisible biological stains from pets might be causing your home to stink! The COMPANY PRODUCT is an easy solution to identify practically all types of biological stains. Black light technology highlights formerly "invisible" urine, blood and other biological material. Simply dim the lights in the room and shine the black light...UV Blacklight Flashlight for Detecting DRY Dog – Rodents and Cat Urine Spots on Carpets, Rugs, Drapes, Floors, Baseboards and Furniture. The Perfect Gift for any Pet Owner to Find Embarrassing Hidden Odors, Spots and Stains not seen from the Naked Eye.When you shine a on a cat urine stain it will appear as a green or yellow spot. We have an easy to use that is perfect for this use. It is small enough to carry around the house easily, and big enough to actually cover a fairly broad surface area. works best in dimly lit areas, or areas where there is no other light source. For this reason we advise that you try black light urine "hunting" in the evening.