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At first, I wanted to make on cords my number one recommendation because it’s the fastest and easiest way to quickly keep your cat away from all cords. Typically, after a couple encounters with bitter apple on a previously “tasty” cord, cats will avoid all similar cords.

This article -  - mentions that bitter apple or actual orange peels prevent cats from scratching?

Since its birth in 1960, Grannicks Bitter Apple has grown into a full line of taste deterrent grooming cosmetics for pets. Countless copycat products have tried to do the same thing, and most have come and gone because pets quickly acquired a taste for them. Only Grannicks Bitter Apple has stood the test of time it works and keeps working. Every day more veterinarians, groomers and pet lovers around the world discover the benefits of Grannicks Bitter Apple.

If your pet tends to continually worry at its coat, causing bare patches to appear and preventing recovering wounds from healing properly, a quick spray of Grannicks Bitter Apple will take care of it! While the product itself is completely safe, dogs cant stand the taste and will avoid tasting that area at all costs. Grannicks products are great for indoor or outdoor use.

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Grannick's Bitter® Apple Spray is a taste deterrent for dogs and cats to help discourage unwanted behavior. Comes in an 8-oz spray bottle. Although Grannick's Bitter Apple is safe and harmless for your cat, that doesn't mean that she'll appreciate the taste -- and that's totally the point. The spray is supposed to have a foul taste that repels pets, whether canine or feline. Sometimes the spray is bitter like the name indicates, and sometimes it's piping hot -- yikes. One thing that the fluffy cuties have in common with most people is a general abhorrence of bitter food items.

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Not only is Grannick's Bitter Apple totally safe for your pet, it also can keep her safe, too, whether she's a tiny kitten or a full-grown adult. According to the SPCA of North Virginia, Bitter Apply spray may be helpful in stopping your little one from chewing on dangerous electrical cords -- a major plus. By halting your cat's chewing on cords, the spray can keep some very potentially harmful consequences at bay -- think electrocution.

Bitter Apple Spray for Dogs all right for cats too

Atticus, my half cat/half dog, has been chewing on a few electrical cords around the house. I am only finding bitter apple spray for dogs…can it be used for cats, too?Chewing habit in dogs is quite common but it is not in cats. Cats that chew more on anything that they can reach are too bored in their life. It just makes a habit out of them. No matter what the object is, like leaves, plants, or furniture, they try to chew on it making more damage. Grannicks Bitter Apple Spray is one of the coolest solutions for this problem. The Bitter Apple Spray contains bitter principles that discourage the cats from chewing on to the surface it is sprayed on. The cats would hesitate to lick, chew, bite, or gnaw those surfaces.