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Purrfect Love Cat Rescue and Cat Haven are just two of the many places around Birmingham that are working to help control the multiplying cat colonies. But both places are always looking for more help. “Since trapping cats takes so much time, it would be so helpful if we had more people willing to contribute their time to help out,” Ashley says.

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Please Note: We only adopt our pets to homes in the Greater Birmingham, AL area and its surrounding counties.We are located at 2808 Crescent Avenue in Homewood, AL, and we're open on on Saturdays from 12:00 pm - 4:30 pm. Alabama Animal Adoption Society

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Steel City Cat Rescue, Cat Rescue Birmingham, AL | Mia Casey is a mass communications student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and is the former editor for the UAB student newspaper, the Kaleidoscope. An Alabama native, Casey has called the Montgomery, Huntsville, and Birmingham areas of the state home. Growing up with animals, Casey is an animal lover and believes all creatures should be treated humanely. In the future, she plans to be a reporter and officially become a member of the fourth branch of government.

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SPRINGVILLE -- Sarah Faulkner wanted a cat. After recently moving out of her parent’s home, the 21-year-old University of Alabama in Birmingham senior, with a steady income and living situation at hand, knew that she wanted to add a few more roommates into the mix, preferably one she could pet while doing homework. So after she got off work on July 9, Faulkner decided to make a short trek to an animal rescue she found on the internet. Driving 40 minutes outside of Birmingham to the small, hilly town of Springville, Faulkner made her way through foothills to a family’s property, not only the home of the Lockhart family but also the home of dropped off and abandoned animals of any kind: Safe Haven Animal Shelter.

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The Animal League of Birmingham’s main focus is to raise funds that we then can allocate to shelters and rescues in need. Our events vary throughout…It’s easy to notice a cat that walks up, purring a sweet hello, but most of Birmingham’s feline residents live in the shadows away from human eyes. These furry quadrupeds have made their own little niche in the Birmingham community, and most people probably don’t even realize where their populations exist.Welcome to Saving Grace Animal Rescue! SGAR is a Christian-based, nonprofit organization that strives to assist others in helping animals. We recognize how difficult and overwhelming it can be to rescue and foster animals so that’s where we come in. Although we do not have a shelter, we are able to foster animals through a network of volunteers. We also assist people by informing them of some of the resources located in Birmingham, Alabama, that can make their efforts that much easier. We are always in need of foster homes so the more we have, the more SGAR can help. Contact us if you or anyone you know of has the space and desire to take in a homeless pet while we find them their furever homes.The Animal League of Birmingham’s dedicated members are passionate about helping animals in need. Their frequent fundraising events raise funds and provide awareness for shelters and rescue organizations. Learn more about our members.