Apr 22, 2015 - Biggest Pet Cats.

Introducing pet cats is among one of the biggest concernsfor new cat parents, whether you’re introducing cats to one another or you’retrying to introduce a cat to another pet, like a dog. In over 20 years of beinga vet and many more before that of being a cat owner, I’ve only onceencountered two cats who simply could not be introduced to one another.

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The Norwegian Forest Cat is the national cat of Norway. This beautiful cat breed has been around for over 1,000 years. Its coat consists of medium-long waterproof hair over a dense undercoat, specifically designed to keep this biggest cat warm in the cold Norwegian winters. These cats set the terms with their relationships. They will let you pet them, love on them, or hold them, but only when it is convenient for them. They have frequent bursts of energy, then take long naps to recuperate. The Norwegian Forest Cat weighs in at 12-16 lbs.

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20+ Of The Biggest Pet Cats Ever A member of staff takes care dog at large pet hotel located trending watch house cat es face to with huge angry 20 of the biggest pet cats ever bored panda large cat

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Eight years ago, thousands of dogs and cats died after being poisoned by tainted food. The world's biggest pet food companies pulled more than 100 different products from store shelves. There's still no official death toll from the Great Pet Food Recall, because the government doesn't track animal deaths. But experts estimate at least 8,000 pets died.

Grumpy Cat's 10 Biggest Pet Peeves