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Hah, I use storage boxes, too! So ugly, but I need something big for them! The regular boxes are incredibly too small, even for my littlest cat, who’s only 8 pounds. She loves to dig just as much as the 14 lb guy! I think i’ll go check this box out – so much better looking!

Its a great value auto litter box and its not too expensive and is suitable for bigger sized cats

Litter boxes are a big part of your cat’s daily routine — and yours — so it’s important to find one that suits you both. Consider the size and location of the box and whether your kitty prefers a hooded or open litter pan. You’ll find everything from basic, rectangular litter boxes in every size to those with hoods, steps and flaps. Some are made to fit neatly in a corner, and more elaborate ones feature stylish designs, sifting trays and even self-cleaning systems. Try out a few options to see which type is perfect for you and your cat.

If you're unsure, you should pick the bigger size.

Big boxes, open areas, keep them clean. Have litter boxes you are proud of and be the change cats need! My girl Ghost Cat surprised me though, popping a squat as soon as I put the Clean Healthy Litter Box down. After christening the box with an quick pee, she did return to it a couple more times — which is more than I can say for Specter. My bigger kitty was interested in the box, but has never gone to the bathroom in it because she just doesn’t have room.

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I use Sterlite clear storage boxes since they have minimal or no ridges on the bottom (66 gal that I found at Tarjay yesterday has none). I love this solution since it cuts down on the litter dust and gives my big Tom cat plenty of room. Wish I could find the first one I tried, about 85 gallons. It is a very comfortable size for large cats. Bonus: My tall dogs can’t “snack” from these litter boxes!

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Tending to the cat litter box is a huge part of cat care, for any breed. A big Maine Coon cat can have special needs when it comes to litter boxes. A large litter box is often the solution to inappropriate elimination problems when you have a big cat. But a too small box may not be the only cause of the problem.Another option is big storage bins. They have the advantage of really high sides, great for keeping litter from getting sprayed around. They are also great for cats who sit the "wrong way" over the edge of the box. I had a cat years ago who did this. What a pain! You can cut into the side of it for access. If you have one cat, and they’re not too big, this is a great covered litter box design. Â The top entry makes it virtually impossible to leak urine from the stand up and urinate variety of male cats. Â However this box was slightly too small for my 15 pound male kitty. Â It’s also a bit too small to accommodate more than a one cat household (unless you buy one for each cat).