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I needed to replace a smaller tree that was worn out and decided on this one to accommodate two cats. I was able to put it together pretty quickly (I'm handy) but I do suggest you pay close attention to the parts list. So the good news- the cats like it somewhat and it is as pictured. The bad news- the design could use some improvement. The ladders are useless. The angle is odd and they get in the way. I don't think they add any structural support but just in case, I did use the bottom one. The baskets are only designed for kittens. Both cats of mine are not large- 8lbs and 10lbs. and they are way too big for these 10 1/2" diameter "beds". The platforms and enclosed houses are a bit small too. The condo is not stable even though the base is pressed up against the wall and the top support is wedged against the ceiling. I've tried to tighten the ceiling attachment numerous times but just doesn't grab like my old tower so I need to attached some sort of wire/eye bold for additional support. Since the condo is wobbly, the cats were not so sure of it at first. I sprinkled a little catnip on it and that got them interested. Overall, the condo is okay but if you have large cats- I would definitely not suggest it.

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Now this is a big cat tower, perhaps one of the best cat towers for multiple cats you can find – as long as they’re not too huge. This Go Pet Club model is a full 80 inches tall with six platforms (the highest ones have backs that cats can curl up against for comfortable sleep), a hammock, two cat condos, nearly a dozen scratching posts and three dangling mice in the configuration.

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durable service 80'' Big Cat Tree Condo furniture Scratching Post Pet Cat Kitten Tower House If a cat tower which is awesomely big is a cat tower you want to build for your cats, this plan is definitely a plan you should use. This plan is one you can use to create a cat tower with six floors, two ladders, and four houses. This plan is undeniably one that you should pick if you have multiple cats or have a cat family with many members.

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Because this plan is one you can use to create a big suite for cats, this is a plan you need to consider using if you have multiple cats and you want to build a suite for all of them. If you have a room with a large space for your cats, you have to consider using this plan to create a large cat tower for your beloved cats, your beloved animal friends.

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Large Corner Cat Tower Overall size 25" L x 25" W x 73"H Covering material Soft Plush Fabric (Faux Fur) Board material 3/4" strong particle board. Base 20” x 20” One big condo 17" x 17" One small condo 12"diameter by 12" height Three top percheAt over 5 ½ feet tall, this tower is sure to provide hours of fun for any small or medium size active cat. It comes with six sisal post to satisfy the cats’ natural urges for scratching, two cat condos in an elegant combination of neutral gray and white colors, a ladder for easy access to the second level and two beds on top for lounging or watching the surroundings. The Big Cat Tower is covered in shed-proof fabric and designed especially for the homes with a black-white interior.