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It was late morning midweek and, as usual, we were working on a number of projects in the office. Projects that require quite a bit of teamwork and collaboration. So a few of us were sitting in the office brainstorming when in walks Dante, the office Bengal cat. True to his M.O. Dante announced his arrival with a big MEOW and then promptly walked into his litter box and pooped right in front of us.

The second best rated automatic cat litter box, it fully takes care of the scooping. The unit is big and a large investment.

I actually use the exact same tote but, I didn’t think they would enter from the top, so I left the top off and cut out a square towards the top of one of the side walls. It really helps keep the litter in! We have 3 cats and one of the litter boxes is kind of on the small side so I might replace it with your idea! I might have to make the hole a little bigger than yours because the boy kitties are rather large!

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Litter Boxes 100411: Massive Giant Large Big Cat Litter Box Pan. Designed For Easy Cleaning. Purple - BUY IT NOW ONLY: $45.99 on eBay! Hah, I use storage boxes, too! So ugly, but I need something big for them! The regular boxes are incredibly too small, even for my littlest cat, who’s only 8 pounds. She loves to dig just as much as the 14 lb guy! I think i’ll go check this box out – so much better looking!

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The number and location of the litterbox(es) is also a big factor. If you have multiple cats, the rule is “one box per cat plus one.” If your cats are willing to live with less, fortune has favored you, and you should appreciate it! Dr. Jean’s five cats all shared one (gigantic) litterbox for many years… until one day they didn’t! So if one of multiple cats develops an issue, try adding a box (after a veterinary check-up, of course!).

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If you have one cat, and they’re not too big, this is a great covered litter box design. Â The top entry makes it virtually impossible to leak urine from the stand up and urinate variety of male cats. Â However this box was slightly too small for my 15 pound male kitty. Â It’s also a bit too small to accommodate more than a one cat household (unless you buy one for each cat).Cat litter box: Get a plastic container and cut a hole in the front. Make sure the box is a little bigger than the litter container itself so that it can trap the litter inside the box. Put a foam mat at the bottom, a few hooks on the side for items such as the scooper and attach a motion light to the back. Thats it! The smell and the litter will stay trapped in the box and you will have everything you need in one spot!: