So the question has to be asked, do the big cats like boxes too?

Hello! I found your blog while searching online for ModKat reviews. My cat Charly (who is also grey and white) is 14lbs and 11 years old, he’s still quite nimble though. Like you, I am hopelessly drawn to the sleek design of the Modkat (iLitter), it’s simply the best looking litter box I’ve seen out there! Your review was great because it gave me confirmation that a big cat can also use it with ease. I am thiiis close to purchasing it, but I just wanted to ask you one more question. Charly is not only heavy but also quite large in size, I am not sure if he has enough room to turn around in there. Can you tell me how big your Petie is so I can do a comparison? How long is Petie approximately? Thanks! 🙂

big cat, small cat...every "cat" loves a cardboard box. doesn't it make you smile.

This brought a big smile to my face!! How funny that the mountain lions only seemed to get it about jumping into the box. And, that so many of the first few Lion, panther and tigers ate the box instead!! Animals are precious domesticated or wild!!

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Big cats are just cats - they also love boxes! I love the lion's box is completely crushed. LOL The number and location of the litterbox(es) is also a big factor. If you have multiple cats, the rule is “one box per cat plus one.” If your cats are willing to live with less, fortune has favored you, and you should appreciate it! Dr. Jean’s five cats all shared one (gigantic) litterbox for many years… until one day they didn’t! So if one of multiple cats develops an issue, try adding a box (after a veterinary check-up, of course!).

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If you have one cat, and they’re not too big, this is a great covered litter box design. Â The top entry makes it virtually impossible to leak urine from the stand up and urinate variety of male cats. Â However this box was slightly too small for my 15 pound male kitty. Â It’s also a bit too small to accommodate more than a one cat household (unless you buy one for each cat).

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So here’re pictures of cats in boxes because this is the Internet and sometimes you just need a big mental health break to cleanse the palatte. Except these cats are big cats (hence the name) and the boxes, too, are also big. It’s universal, seemingly, that cats love boxes. But what would happen if you gave a big cat like a tiger, lion, puma or leopard a big box? The folks at Big Cat rescue set out to find out. The answer is hilarious and cute! Enjoy the video!In any case, the evidence is clear in the video above, as the lions, tigers, and their big-cat brethren saunter off with their boxes, content as can be.Has there ever been a house cat who did not find itself ensconced in a cardboard box left upon the floor? Big, boxes, little boxes, tape outlines of boxes, you name it. Cats have all kinds of quirky antics – from playing with water to the magnificent keyboard sprawl, but the love of cardboard seems pretty universal.