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Blue Buffalo (sometimes simply marked as “Blue”) is perhaps the best premium cat food on the market with a premium price to match. If you’re in a position to lay out some extra bucks long-term, though, their Wilderness dry food is terrific.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection is one of the best premium cat foods available.

It is always important to encourage water consumption among cats that are fed kibble-based diets – even those that enjoy the best premium cat foods available. Cats normally obtain most of their water from their food (muscle tissue and organ meats are full of water), so they rarely drink enough supplemental water. This often leads to chronic , which in turn can cause recurrent urinary tract infections, bladder stones and kidney damage.

CANIDAE Dog Food & Cat Food The Best Premium Pet Food

Blue Buffalo (sometimes simply marked as “Blue”) is perhaps the best premium cat food on the market with a premium price to match One of the first things I had to figure out was what to feed her. At the time I lived off student loans and two part-time jobs, so I certainly wasn’t wealthy, but I wanted to feed Agnes the best possible food I could. I picked a super premium grain-free dry food with ingredients like free-range chicken and turnip greens and marigold flowers. I’m not sure what the marigold flowers were for, but they sure sounded fancy. Later, after doing more research, I added a grain-free wet food because I read that wet food was important to keep cats properly hydrated.

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As cat owners become more informed consumers, we need a way to compare one brand of dry or against another, to ensure our cats get the very best nutrition they need for growth, healthy skin, teeth, and muscle development. In order to help my readers develop their knowledge about cat food, I've provided the necessary tools for learning how to select cat foods and for understanding exactly what the cat food labels say:I've chosen for review certain premium cat foods as well as supplements for raw food diets, for those who choose to home-prepare food for their cats, as well as commercially-prepared raw and freeze-dried cat foods:

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But that doesn’t necessary mean that canned cat food is always a better choice than kibble. The best dry cat food is better for your cat than the worst canned food. If you feed your cat premium cat food, she is likely to thrive whether the food is in wet or dry form.We hope this look at some of the options available to you for feeding your cat has been helpful. At one time people didn’t have many choices about what to feed their cats. They could give them some scraps from the kitchen – or let the cat fend for himself and catch mice. Then owners could choose from a couple of kinds of canned or dry food at the grocery store. Today there are countless super premium brands of cat food and we can debate every ingredient, demand better research, and seek the healthiest foods for our cats. Our cats deserve only the best.