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One of the best cat water fountains is made by the Catit brand. This fountain is for cats and has a 100-ounce capacity. This uses less than 4 watts power and the water are cooled and aerated by the circulating system. This fountain comes with a water softening cartridge to convert the hard water – typically tap water to soft water for the pet consumption. The impurities like hair, food and debris are purified by effective filtration.

Dec 8, 2016 - Catit Fresh & Clear Stainless Steel Pet Fountain is the best choice for indoor cats ..

This pet fountain works best as advertised. Drinkwell Avalon Ceramic Fountain is easy to clean than other plastic units. It is suitable for small cats as it stores up to 70 ounces of water. Just like any other , it gets noisy when it runs out of water supply, so immediate refilling is necessary to stop the noise. It can be more relaxing to some, but other cats may find it annoying especially when the water splashes. Though some parts of this pet fountain are made of plastic, major parts are all ceramic. With Drinkwell Avalon, felines do not get direct exposure to plastic, keeping them away from chin acne.

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Oct 8, 2009 - I finally saw one (CatIt) in action at my local Pet Food Express. I would love to buy one for my cats but i don't know which fountain is the best. Thank you for posting this and the videos!!! I’ve spent countless hours going over reviews of what the best pet fountain is. I have 2 cats but one is a Manx and like all Manx she has Megacolon. Regardless of how often I brush her and give her hairball control food she still gets them very bad and recently just had an enema done to clear blockage. The vet said to increase her water in take as this will help her Megacolon but since she HATES wet food I needed a fountain. I’ve been on the bench about the Pagoda as it has fewer bad reviews and seems easy to clean plus ceramic. Your article and videos have gotten me off the bench and I’m going to order one today! Thank you!

We have the Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda (Amazon link)

Fresh running water does have great appeal, even to pets. Take cats, for example: it's the rare one who will even drink from a bowl of "stagnant" water. And when you think about it, cats have it right... who wants to drink out of a bowl or a glass of water that's been sitting there for half a day or so? Perhaps that's why the latest trend in pet drinking is not the 'pet bowl,' it's the 'pet fountain,' where water flows constantly, or There are many fresh water fountains on the market for cats and dog, but I thought these 9 indoor and outdoor pet fountains stood out as the best in terms of quality, design and overall value...

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Having pets at home is like having kids. We need to constantly monitor their activities and make sure their needs are taken care of. Giving our pets the best food and sufficient water is very important to keep them healthy. Especially during the summer months, keeping our pets hydrated is essential. We have researched extensively about the best pet water fountains for dogs and cats 2017 and have come up with the consumer reviews about the best brands on the market. Here are some recommended bowls and drinking fountains for the pets.It’s quite easy to understand why the Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain is well-loved by so many animal lovers, dog owners, and especially cat persons. With its renowned technology ensuring fresh and clean drinking H2O for our lovable pets, it’s clearly one of the best cat drinking fountain devices you can ever get for your feline friend. The design is like the kitchen or bathroom faucet that our feline pals simply adore. The aquatic flow bursts into smaller droplets as it hits the receiving ramp to create that ripple effect that cats love. The ripple effects are surely going to entice your pet to drink more of it. Additionally, the continuous free-falling stream stirs the liquid pool down below, creating bubbles that are filled with oxygen, and getting dissolved into the aquatic solution. This helps improve the freshness and overall quality of their drink. The constantly circulating fluids also help prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms further increasing the safety of the drink.