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My wife and I are about to finally spend some decent money on some nice living room furniture and we are completely confused on what the best material is to get for a household with cats.

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Other options for damage control. Some cats prefer horizontal scratching surfaces to vertical ones, and major pet supply stores carry such products in their cat section. You might also consider Soft Paws, little plastic caps that can be glued to your cat’s nails. The cat will still attempt to scratch, but the caps will prevent damage to your furniture. (This option is best for owners who are unable to train their cats to a post but do not want to declaw them.) The caps typically last one to two months: any that have not fallen off or been chewed off by the cat will have to be removed as the cat’s nails grow.

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Cats love to scratch. Save your furniture and get tips for picking the best scratching post for your cat. Shop at CozyCatFurniture and you will find one of the largest selection of pre-manufactured or custom made furniture for large cats and kitties. We have no hidden fees or sales tax, and we assure you the best quality at your doorstep.

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Domesticated cats still have strong instincts from life in the wild. Despite your best efforts to curb them, attempting to stop a cat from scratching and climbing is a nearly impossible task. By taking a multi-prong approach to modifying their behavior, you can save your furniture and keep your cat healthy and happy. The following tips are ordered by ease of implementation; start at the top of the list and work down if earlier solutions haven't fully solved the problem.

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Trial and error will be the only way to know what works best for your girlfriend's cats in particular, and you may ultimately need to use some combination of all of the above tools. Keep in mind that some cats like to scratch horizontally, while others vertically, and some prefer carpet while others prefer cardboard or wood. For even more information on alternatives to declawing cats but still preventing damage to furniture and other valuables in your home, please see .By AmityI have five cats and we go to the pet store and buy apple bitters. You use it for ferrets and cats to keep them off your furniture. Ask at your pet store, it won't hurt the cats either. (05/16/2007)I used a spray bottle of water on my cats maybe 4 times in all, when they were scratching on my furniture. To them it feels like another cat is spitting or hissing at them.And we got them a scratching post. It is best to put the post in an easily accessible, and at the same time not too public. a place. Kittens aren't motivated by catnip so we hung a few dangly things to entice them to play.Another thing I discovered in my reading at the time, was not to let them think they are being pushed into doing it. They want to feel that it's their own idea and their own discovery. Whatever you do, don't take the cats paws and rub it along the post.My cats do pretty much what they want, even jump on the table, but furniture scratching was really something I wouldn't allow. Ya'll are lovely people! (07/10/2007)