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Best Food For Diabetic Cat

Looking for diabetic cat food?
The health of your cat is very important and becomes even more of a challenge when your feline friend is diagnosed with diabetes.
one way to help your cat reach a more healthy and stable life is to feed them food that has been specifically formulated for their special needs.
A couple important factors are Low carb calories . Less than 10 percent is ideal.
No dry food, again to high in carbs as well as cat food with gravy, a definte No NO
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Now that we've covered the basics of diabetes in the feline species, it's time to uncover some of the best wet food for diabetic cats.

In the best of cases, a diabetic cat can be permanently cured of itsillness as long as it eats appropriately every day. It's more often thecase that diet will only reduce the severity of the symptoms. To helpprevent a buildup of glucose in the cat’s blood, the sugar content of adiabetic cat’s food must be carefully regulated. Recent research hasalso shown that a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates is verygood for diabetic cats. If a high-protein diet is not an option foryour diabetic cat, you can try a diet high in fiber, althoughhigh-fiber diets often cause cats to defecate more and have bad gas.

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veterinarian and ask them to recommend the best food for your cat's diabetes. Unlike dogs, cats have a very good chance of becoming non-diabetic if certain dietary changes are made and their insulin resistant factors are controlled (like obesity, etc). It is very common for a cat to require insulin for only a few months and then go into diabetic remission. The two most important recommendations for cats with diabetes are no carbohydrates and no dry food! Diabetic cats should eat a high–protein, moderate fat and low/no carbohydrate food for the best chance of remission from their diabetes. The desired levels may vary if your cat has other medical conditions, but in general, I recommend that at least 45% of your cat's calories come from protein, 25 to 30% from fat and only 10% (or less) of their calories come from carbohydrates. and are great options.

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To best control your diabetic cat's sugar levels, it is important to feed consistent meals at fixed times each day. Ideally meals are timed to the insulin injection—for example, feed your cat and give insulin within 1 hour to help combat the blood sugar rise from the food. So the insulin works effectively at each meal, it is best that each feeding contains the same amount of calories and the same ingredients so that the insulin will have an expected effect.

Best Cat Food For Diabetic Cats - YouTube