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Strange as it may sound, certain types of mouthwash, combined with white vinegar and liquid soap work well for cleaning cat urine and removing the smell. This recipe works best on lighter stains and odors, particularly those that haven’t had weeks to set.

Use the best enzyme cleaner possible – inexpensive cleaners often require multiple uses before they remove the odor of cat urine.

Many pet owners have had success with all the above products. These are strong formulas created specifically to get rid of the cat urine smell. When you are ready to apply the enzymatic cleaner, for best results, you must carefully follow the directions on the bottle. In general or if you are using a homemade cleaner, you will need to thoroughly saturate the area, so that it wicks down into deeper padding. You also want to cover a large area than the visible stain in case the urine spreads further out as it seeped down beneath the surface. Allow the cleaner to air dry. This may take a few days if you are cleaning a mattress or a couch cushion.

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On this page you will find some great tips on choosing the best cat urine cleaner and getting rid of that nasty urine smell once and for all. Cat urine is such a tricky cleaning issue that there’s a whole range of products dedicated to removing it. There are a few points to consider when making your choice. For starters, where is the stain? Fabric, carpet, hardwood? Many products are suitable for all of these but cleaners with hydrogen peroxide can lighten wood surfaces. If the stain is on a cushion or throw, the best course of action is to wash it with a . This works in the same way as the enzyme cleaners I’ll discuss below.

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My pick for the best cleaner for cat urine is . The reason is because it can be used even if you’ve already applied bleach or chemicals to the stain – you just need to pre-treat. I also like that it has an fragrance-free option since heavy scents give me migraines Do you have any other solutions for getting rid of cat urine smell? I’d be interested to hear them in the comments if so :).

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It’s a viscous circle. Once the cat pees in the wrong place once, that becomes his new toilet because of the lingering smell of cat urine. I know how frustrating it can be. We had this problem with our first cat. Don’t worry, I’m going to share how we overcame this problem and the best cleaner for cat urineIf you are thinking of using an air freshener spray to get rid of the smell of cat urine – don’t. Although a small number are advertised as safe for use around animals, the vast majority are not. Volatile organic compounds, i.e. the scented chemicals that evaporate into the air, can “affect the blood, brain, heart, liver, kidneys, skin, and the respiratory and nervous systems of both people and their pets”, according to . “Natural” alternatives such as essential oils, are often just as harmful to animals. The best approach is to eliminate the odor at its source by using a cleaner especially designed for cat urine.