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Of course, just as it is for us, toothbrushing is the best method of ensuring that our pets will enjoy good dental health. Daily brushing with C.E.T. Toothpaste and C.E.T. Toothbrushes provides the very best in Home Dental Care for your pet. C.E.T. Toothpaste are specifically formulated to be safe, effective, and appealing to your dog or cat, and unlike "people" toothpaste, are meant to be swallowed. C.E.T. Toothbrushes are designed to reach all surfaces of your pet's teeth and the soft bristles will not irritate your pet's sensitive gums. Just a few minuets a day are all it takes for the best dental care available. Pick some CET Toothpaste up today!

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Note: Do not use toothpaste for people or baking soda because these can upset your cat’s stomach. Cat toothpaste comes in different flavors (e.g., poultry, beef). You may need to try a couple flavors to find the one your cat likes the best. The more your likes the toothpaste, the easier it will be to train him or her to accept brushing.

CET Toothpaste for Dogs & Cats - 2.5 oz (70 gm) - Best Dog.

CET Toothpaste for Dogs & Cats - 2.5 oz (70 gm) - Best Dog Toothpaste. Dental Kit for Cats by SENTRY Petrodex is by far one of the best toothbrush kits you can get. It comes with both a stick and a finger brush and the toothpaste for added value, with the brush developed by a specialty veterinarian to ensure the design is exactly what is needed in a cat toothbrush. The kit, when used together, fights bad breath and reduces plaque and tartar buildup.

What's The Best Cat Toothbrush? Protect Your Pet's Teeth

When it comes to finding a cat toothbrush, cat toothpaste, and cat dental treats, which are great to use if you’d rather the treats compared to using a brush and paste, brand’s websites have some of the best picks even though the selection is a small one. Spending a small fortune at the vet for these products may not always be in the budget, and a well-stocked pet store catering to such items may not be close enough to you, so shopping online will be your best bet if either or both are the case.

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Brushing your cat’s teeth is the single most effective means to maintain dental health between professional dental cleanings. This makes sense because the bacterial film known as “plaque” is the cause of . This film is easily disrupted by the simple mechanical effect of brushing the teeth. For brushing to be effective, it needs to be done several times each week - daily brushing is best. Most cats will allow their teeth to be brushed, but you need to take a very gradual and gentle approach. Start by letting your cat lick the dentifrice from your finger, then off the small feline toothbrush, then gradually place the brush in your cat’s mouth and add the brushing motions. Introduction of this process may require daily activity over 1-2 months. We recommend pet-specific dentifrice for cats; these products are safe for cats and come in flavors that cats accept, such as poultry and seafood. Avoid human toothpastes as they often contain abrasives and high-foaming detergents that should not be swallowed or inhaled. Small cat-specific toothbrushes are available. Some cats prefer finger brushes.I’ve already published a pretty comprehensive guide to . You may be surprised to learn that choosing the best cat toothbrush is a lot more important than the toothpaste that goes along with it. Most of the plaque is cleared by pure mechanical action of brushing the tooth. It makes sense when you think of wild cats and how their teeth are cleaned by eating tough meat and bones. They certainly don’t have any toothpaste, although I do recommend using some to help the process along.