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We have 5 cats, using this toilet seat one of them learn to use toilet very quickly, rest of them prefer to go outside (they have cat door in the window). I left this … Cat Toilet Training Kit Cleaning System Kitty Pets Potty Urinal Litter Tray BEST PUPPY PADS & DOG TRAINING PAD –…

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The CitiKitty cat toilet training kit is designed so that you remove thin concentric rings as your cat progresses. While it’s tempting to want to rush through things when toilet training a cat, patience is your best ally for success. Only remove a ring when your cat has mastered the current step with no accidents for at least a week. If your cat needs to move at an even slower pace, you can remove a quarter to a half ring instead of the full ring. If your cat has an accident, you can also go back a step in the process.

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Best Price Plastic Easy to Learn Cat Toilet Training Kit for pet Training, multiple cats, cats at all ages - Save $ Free Ship But potty training isn’t the right fit for every kitty. Fearful kitties, arthritic felines or cats who already are not the best candidates for toilet training. Going to the bathroom is one of the top reasons cats are surrendered to shelters, so teaching your cat to consistently go in a designated area — either a litterbox or a toilet — is much more important than eliminating litter from your cat's routine.

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So long, litter box: These cats are potty-trained

Training two or more cats simultaneously is more complicated than training just one, in large part because if somebody messes up, it's often hard to figure out who to reprimand. You don't want to be scolding the cat who's doing it properly, or praising someone for peeing in the wrong place. Which makes it that much more important to keep tabs on who's doing what when. With kittens you know that they're going to need to use the toilet soon after eating, but adult cats have a lot more control and can sometimes wait for as much as a whole day. You don't have to actually follow them around the house, but it's a good idea to be aware of where each cat is at all times. If you have multiple cats who are at home alone for much of the day, you've really got your work cut out for you. Best to wait until an adult is at home on vacation, or until a responsible teenager is home for the summer and can remain vigilant during the training period.This is my cat's (Sierra) 2nd month on the CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit...
Really enjoyed the experience training her using the kit...
She's quite a slow learner, but hey, she did it!!!
Now, I dun have to spend on cat litter anymore & best of all, no more foul smell in the house!