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The British are known for taking pride in their gardens so I thought it was about time I helped you brits find the best ultrasonic cat repellent in the UK. Unfortunately some of the cat repellents featured on are only available in the US, so all the devices on this page are guaranteed available in the UK, and I’ll be including a link to Amazon where you can check them out.

ssscat is the number 1 best selling indoor cat repellent spray, watch our video review to see exactly why…

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The best cat deterrent can help keep your cat away easily and more ..

ssscat is the number 1 best selling indoor cat repellent spray, watch our video review to see exactly why…
Boundary dog and cat repellents by Lambert Kay. Boundary dog and cat repellents can be used for training purposes as well as for safety. Keep your dog or cat out of unwanted areas with just a simple spray! Boundary repellent comes in various spray bottles, aerosol cans and granules. Protect your pet today with Lambert Kay Boundary petrepellent.

Boundary repellents are specially designed to prevent dogs and cats from entering forbidden places, such as planters, gardens and people only indoor areas. Boundary products are completely safe, non toxic and will not stain surfaces. After using Boundary on a regular basis, pets will become trained to avoid the areas you've sprayed it on, all on their own! Protect your pets and your property with Boundary Repellant Spray.

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15ft range; Indoors; Battery; Top Rated; Adaptor