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If visitors to your home ask you if you have a cat, that is a good indicator that your home has a cat odor. Cat urine is a smell unlike any other, and it can be extremely offensive and smelly. Even kitty litter with deodorizers does not remove the odor from the urine. It may cover it up for a short time, but it will not remove it. Zorbx is the best on the market. You may expect to pay a lot of money for a product that works so well, but we keep our prices affordable.

Use the best enzyme cleaner possible – inexpensive cleaners often require multiple uses before they remove the odor of cat urine.

Are you embarrassed by urine odors or stains from your cat or dog or even human accidents? Think your carpet or couch is ruined? Urine Off is safe to use on all types of surfaces and fabrics and even works on the toughest cat urine smells. Don’t throw your mattress out or replace your rug. Spray it with Urine Off and completely remove those urine stains. Powerful enzymes breakdown the bacteria that are the root cause of stains and odors and eliminates them for good. Best of all, with our urine remover, dogs and cats won’t return the scene of the crime. Make sure you get it all – our Find It Treat It Kit comes with an LED urine finder which ensures that you are able to locate and effectively treat all areas where urine is hiding. Try Urine Off today, with our 30 Money Back Guarantee and get rid of those stains.

Mar 11, 2014 - Vet's Best Cat Stain & Odor Remover

Use the best enzyme cleaner possible - inexpensive cleaners often require multiple uses before they remove the odor of cat urine. THIS WORKS. I installed new carpet, went on vacation. While away, a stray cat sprayed my front door. My old cat sprayed 10 spots! Big ones. It was dry when we got home, and the sitter did not see it. Awful smell. Despite all the negative comments stating you have to remove installed, padded carpet, not true,even dried urine. This cost me $50,far less than the $2k my carpet cost. It has worked for me . I purchased a kit called "Stink Free" from Amazon, it has a black light to detect the spots, and a bottle of bio-enzyme product that breaks down the crystals and neutralizes the odor. #1. If you find a dry spot, use this product first. Just follow directions, money back guarantee I THINK. #2. Spray area with a product called "Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain and odor Eliminator", also available on Amazon. This is also bio-enzymatic. IT IS CERTIFIED by Carpet and Rug Institute (it did lighten my beige carpet slightly, but only I seem to notice it, so spot test). Follow directions. After this regime, I can not smell the urine at all. For solid, dried poo, on area rugs without padding, I pick it up, put an entire box of baking soda one it for a day and then vacuum and follow with Folex, the best carpet cleaner ever. Good luck. If you find wet urine, Ipour water on it, soak up with big towel, and start this regimine- it is awful, but my old cat has given me so many good years and he has an accident once every few months. Most importantly make sure your pet is not sick, and sometimes if spraying is a chronic problem, a cat pheromone that mimics the smell of a mother cat works to calm your cat.

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