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The best site I have come across for learning about food for my cats. Thank you. I was feeding my cats Taste of The Wild but, wanted to start them on something healthier. My local non-chain pet store sells Fromm so, I decided to try it. The cats LOVE it but, since I have switched them, their food and water intake has increased significantly. I gave them a measured amount every morning of TOTW and they would eat until full and walk away. Now, I give them the same amount of Fromm and they inhale it until the bowls are empty (sometimes throwing it up because they are too fast) then act like they are starving by the time I feed them again at night. And they’re drinking a ton of water. I kind of thought they would eat less with a more protein rich food but, clearly I was wrong. I don’t mind paying more to keep them healthy but, I have now added a third meal to keep them from eating so fast/much when I feed them and they’re finishing that one off rapidly as well. 10 lbs a week for 6 cats seems excessive and they’re acting hungry still. Any advice or suggestions?

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You should what is the best food type for your cat in particular. When you see the list of ingredients on a can, moist food like poultry, beef, or fish are listed on the top of the weight list since they have water in them. At the bottom, you might find ingredients that will actually have more protein but weigh less because water has been removed from them.

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Based on the above analysis, here are our picks for Top 5 Best Cat Foods of 2017. I’m really glad that I noticed your post. I have a new kitten & after much reading about which are the best foods for her, I had chosen Tiki Cat as one of my three favorites. What a disappointment to hear this news. And I just read of their merger/selling out, which ever it is, with another company. It seems that when these merger business decisions take place it results in a decline in the quality of their food; other companies which had good reputations have also done the same thing the past year or two; with customer complaints galore. Too bad, it’s our pets that will suffer, and we have to prevent that by not buying these lower quality foods. What a shame.

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While quality ingredients remain a vital component of the best pet food, we soon realized that we’d have to scrap many of the assumptions we made based on our dog food research, and start with a clean slate for cat food. With this fresh perspective, we were able to identify the information essential to keeping your cat healthy and happy.

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