Feb 23, 2017 - The best organic cat food brands

This is a specially designed kibble that makes it easier to grasp and then chew the food for Persian kittens.It is manufactured using highly digestible natural proteins combined with an adapted fiber content and prebiotics that help to strengthen the health of the Persian kitten’s digestive system.The blend is also fortified with a combination of Vitamins E, C, taurine and lutein and other antioxidants that help to maintain a strong and healthy immune system.With a number of tasty flavors, getting your Persian kitten hooked on Royal Canin should be an easy feat.The Royal Canin brand also distributes a special blend of best cat food for adult Persian cats.

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My cats were on Blue Buffalo since I wanted them on holistic food. The vet said that indoor cats can get fat on that and suggested I switch to Science Diet Light. Well, I just read that is on the worst cat food list for 2016, that it contains wheat gluten, corn & other garbage. I saw list of the best foods and chose Welness Core since I saw that brand in the store. Do you think I’m making a wise decision to switch them? They do get half a can of a small can of wet food daily and seem to be good drinkers. Feels like I’m making a wrong decision no matter what I choose. Which is best?

Best Dry Food For Cats? Top 10 Best Healthiest dry cat food Brands

For the health of your frisky feline, here’s our list of the top ten best dry cat food brands. However, most cat owners rely partially or heavily on dry food because it’s convenient, it’s compatible with automatic-feeding systems – and because their cats love it. So if you’re going to be feeding your pet dry food it’s crucial to find the best. Taste of the Wild is my top rated cat food because it’s just as good as high-end name brands, but much less expensive.

Top 10 Best Healthiest dry cat food Brands

Just walk into any supermarket and you’ll understand how many people own cats; there are more brands of cat food on the shelves than there are options in most categories of human food – making it nearly impossible to figure out which is the best cat food brand for your pet.

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