Grooming 101: What Type Of Brush Is Best For My Cat

A stiff bristle brush is ideal for grooming short-haired cats and a long-toothed metal brush is best for medium- or long-haired cats. You might have to try different combs and brushes to find out what your cat likes. When grooming, run the comb or brush against the direction of the hair growth to help loosen the dead hairs and then brush in the direction of the hair growth. Work from your cat's head to her tail and make sure to be extra gentle around her chest and belly area. Your cat should never feel any pain as you brush her coat.

For longhaired cats, a long-toothed metal comb and a stiff brush are best

Your long-haired cat may have trouble getting mats out of its fur. For that reason, long-haired cats need to be groomed more often than short-haired cats. You need to brush your cat often, as well as bathe your cat on a regular basis to help prevent mats. Mats can lead to painful infections and even death if left untreated, so grooming is the best option.

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Jump to Brushing Your Cat - Amazon's number 1 best-selling cat and dog brush is an excellent choice for short, medium and long-haired cats For longhaired cats, a long-toothed metal comb and a stiff brush are best. First your should manipulate the hair coat against the way it lays so it is fluffy then brush in the direction of hair growth. Brush shorthaired cats with a soft rubber brush or hand mitt with short bristles. Longhaired cats should be brushed daily and shorthaired cats at least once or twice a week; to help control your cat’s shedding and help prevent hairballs.

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"Any approach to long hair cat care requires a daily or 3x per week grooming routine with both a comb and brush. Daily cat grooming stimulates the natural skin and hair oils, and keeps mats from forming. This is also a practical matter to keep shedding hair from gathering on clothing, the floor and furniture. The key to grooming to to start young and make it appear as part of being petted. Providing a treat will also make grooming more pleasant. Look for mats with your hands daily. If a mat does form, it is best pulled apart with your fingers followed by use of a metal comb, then brushing or a specialized tool. Baths may be helpful depending on your cat's grooming habits and tolerance for being washed. If your cat doesn't have a healthy looking coat consider a dietary change, supplement or scheduling a consultation with a veterinarian."

Comb/Brush Recommendations for Long Haired Cats

How often your cat needs to be combed/brushed depends upon several factors: type and length of coat, weather conditions, time of year, etc. Generally speaking, shorthaired cats should be combed/brushed about twice a week, while longhaired cats should be combed/brushed daily. You will soon find the grooming frequency that provides the best results for your cat. It is important to establish and adhere to a regular grooming schedule. These sessions should be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. Be sure that you allow time to provide proper grooming, and are not likely to be interrupted.Purchase special brushes and combs designed especially for cats for the best results. You can get these at any pet store. Most cats absolutely love being brushed, so you may find that your cat starts head butting your brush or comb the moment you get it out. Cats who are more sensitive will often grow to love brushing after a few tries. Even if your long-haired cat doesn’t grow to love brushing, it’s still important to brush her regularly because long-haired cats are more prone to hairballs if you’re not regularly getting rid of extra fur.While the brush works well on cats with long, short, thin and thick fur, the overall consensus for best feature is actually how easy it is to remove mats with this brush. Nearly every user with a long haired cat felt that the brush easily removed mats that were deep down, close to the skin, with little tugging or pain for their cat.If you have a cut on your hair that is on the shorter side, then a brush that is meant for long haired cats won’t work as well, since it isn’t built for this purpose. Luckily, there is a product that is suitable for short haired cuts. Although these short haired cuts don’t shed as much hair, they are harder to spot which makes it easier for it to get in your food or on your bed without it being seen or noticed at all. The best brush for short hair cat is the because of a few reasons. The first reason is because it is a 2-in-1 tool which makes it a lot more worth it for the price you pay. The second reason is because it is a tool that you use as a glove, which gives you more control over the way you groom your cat. Your pet also won’t be as afraid, because you will be removing loose hair while petting your pet. We highly recommend this product to you if you are considering to purchase a brush for your short haired cat.