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Getting tired of cleaning and maintaining the cat box? If yes, then this Robot II Unit is your best bet in the market.
Its smart and efficient scooping system rotates and automatically cleans the area with ease so you no longer have to worry about manually scooping

Best self cleaning litter box reviews best automatic cat litter box models.

You may find a cheaper automatic litter box, but considering its quality, there is actually no guarantee that you have got the best unit working for you. When quality and dependability matters, the Litter Robot Open Air III is one of the best automatic litter system out in the market. The Litter Robot is a self-cleaning litter box ideal for busy cat owners to ensure that their pets do not make a mess around the house of litter area.

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Best Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews | Automatic Cat Litter Box Reviews After sifting the litter and dropping the clumps into the waste drawer the globe returns to the home position, leaving a clean, level bed of litter for the next use. Then, you only have to remember about once a week to remove the bagged waste from the drawer and top the unit off with some litter to keep the full line. That`s all! Because of this, your cat will ALWAYS have a clean litter box, at all times. And this is very important to make cats happy, the litter box is a key factor in a cat`s life. For all these reasons we believe the Litter Robot is the world’s best automatic litter box.

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The Litter-Robot Open Air Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box makes caring for your cat easier. The first major update to the highly successful Litter-Robot platform, the Open Air is the culmination of the latest technology and 15 years of customer feedback. Once your cat exits, a timer counts down, allowing waste to clump before a cleaning cycle begins automatically. As the globe slowly rotates, the patented sifting system separates the clean litter from the clumps and drops the waste into a carbon-filtered drawer. The globe returns to the home position, leaving a clean, level bed of litter for the next use. Uses clumping litter and kitchen garbage bags. NO SPECIAL ACCESSORIES REQUIRED. The enlarged entryway and litter chamber, along with the self-adjusting cat sensor, accommodate cats weighing 5 lbs. or more. NEW FEATURES: DRAWER FULL INDICATOR: A flashing blue light lets you know when the waste drawer is full, so there's no more guessing. CONTROL PANEL LOCK OUT: Prevent kids and cats from unnecessarily pressing buttons, which could change your settings or cycle the unit. ADJUSTABLE CYCLE TIMER: Choose a 3-, 7-, or 15-minute delay from the time your cat uses the Litter-Robot until it performs a cleaning cycle. 8-HOUR SLEEP MODE: When activated, for a period of 8 hours, your unit will only cycle when the button is pressed manually to prevent disturbances. AUTOMATIC NIGHT LIGHT: Illuminates the litter chamber in low light conditions for elderly cats. BACKUP BATTERY (Sold Separately): The Backup Battery provides up to 48 hours of operation if power is interrupted. Estimated operation time is based on 10 cleaning cycles per day, which is typical for two cats, but results will vary. Backed by a 90-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE and 18-MONTH FULL WARRANTY. With more than 125,000 customers, over 15 years in business, and three versions of the Litter-Robot on the market, we are confident we have developed the best solution for pet parents to never have to scoop again!

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