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We struggled for a long time because we have three kids and all of their friends going in and out of the house making it extremely difficult to keep my cat, Summer, inside. We considered declawing but after looking into it, we weren’t convinced it would make a difference in deterring her from successful hunting. We tried cat bells on her collar to no avail. We were absolutely thrilled when we discovered the Cat Bib. It is an excellent way of ensuring the safety of the birds in our neighborhood. Summer is a skinny and tall cat that is an avid hunter and loved to catch and eat her prey. Even with her small size the large Cat Bib was lightweight and effective! Thank you so much for inventing a humane way of keeping the birds safer from my cat and allowing my cat some freedom to explore.

Does your cat wear a bell? Is it just for looks or do you use one for a purpose?

I imagine that some clever cats may figure out how to hold completely still before ambushing a small creature, so it's possible that the bell may not give that much warning. Still, I was willing to try it.

Mar 30, 2017 - Watch: Pampered cats ring call bell for treats ..

The cats waste no time ringing the bell again to signal they are ready for more food. I think it's a fun idea and I could see some people wanting that, particularly for outdoor cats. I took the bells off our cats' collars because ours are mostly indoors and that could get annoying when trying to sleep.

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The mice were worried about going about freely because of the scary cat.
Finally, they held a meeting and discussed what they should do.
The old grandfather mouse came forward and said.
"How can we go about freely with out being discovered by the cat?"
A mouse wearing glasses answered.
"Let's make a new path."
"The cat won't be able to find us."
"That's no good."
"The cat can smell and find us easily."
"Isn't there any other way?"
"What are you worried about?"
"We'll just stay in here."
"Fool, how will we get food then?"
They had to find a way to be safe from the cat, but they weren't getting any great ideas from the meeting.
"If we can't think of a good way, we're going to have to live the rest of our lives fearing the cat."
"We have a good idea."
A young mouse stepped forth.
Everybody looked at him and was curious what the idea was.
"Go ahead. Is there a way to be safe from the cat."
"Ha ha, of course. Hang a bell on the cat's neck."
"Yes, a bell."
"Then we can hear it every time the cat moves."
"Whenever we hear the bell, we can run away."
"What do you think of my idea?"
All the mice nodded at the idea.
"Yes, that is a good idea."
"We're finally free from the cat."
All the mice cheered and were happy.
The grandfather mouse spoke up.
"But who is going to hang the bell on the cat?"
At that moment, all the mice suddenly became quiet and trembled at the thought of the cat.

Cat rings bell for snack from tower - Chicago Tribune

Cats are notorious for being difficult to train. It’s not that you can’t train them, but it takes some serious persistence and a bit of creativity. Still, the owner of the cats in this video managed to teach them to ring a bell. In exchange, the cats get a treat for their efforts.Like many other viral videos, the subject is cats, and these two are ringing bells in exchange for treats. That’s it. But it’s strangely enjoyable to watch.