Heart Charm and Bell Adjustable Cat Collar with Soft Velvet Material

These cat collars with bells feel very gentle on your cat’s neck and will fit pets with sensitive skin. In addition to looking great, our cat bell collars are well-made yet lightweight. They are designed not to cause any discomfort to your pet. Vibrant color will make your cat easy to spot and a bright-colored tiny metal cat collar bell will help you to keep monitor kitten’s whereabouts. It's safe and looks stylish! All our items are supplied with good quality hardware to ensure long lasting wear. For more style options you can check out our , just view the size chert carefully to make sure you'll get a perfect fitting collar!

Suede Cat Collar with shabby flower and mouse bell Breakaway Collar Custom Made. $11.50, via Etsy.

I have put 3 bells on my cats and still the lovely dead pressie arrive, I tried him on a sonic collar that makes a high pitch noise when your cat is about to attack but it kept going off when he wasnt doing anything and making him jump in the air which i thought was a little mean so i took it off.

LSU Tigers Cat Collar with Bell

Orange Polka Dot Cat Collar with bell Cat Breakaway Collar Custom Made Because of their diminutive size, kittens are capable of finding hiding and sleeping in places we would never anticipate. A bell attached to that new breakaway collar can really help keep tabs on the kitten's location until it's bigger than an iPad.

Black Cosplay Lace Silver Bell Cat Collar Maid by KittenTreasures

Brennan already knew George couldn’t become an indoor cat, but her past attempts to keep him away from birds had failed. She had tried tying extra bells on his collar, but it seemed the cat moved too stealthily for the bells to have any sort of warning effect on his prey.

Kakadu Pet Bells & Bows Cat Collar

This is the sound of a small cat's collar bell which sounds like a cat or indeed a pixie! Recorded with a Shure SM58 and a Marantz digital recorder. The bells on my cats’ collars barely make a noise – I only hear them if they’re being boisterous or jumping from a height. This is fine for my purposes. They’re both indoor cats so the only reason I use collars with bells is in case I hear noise in the middle of the night. If I hear the bells too, I knew it’s the cats playing – not someone breaking into my home!There’s some controversy as to whether cat collars with bells are cruel. It’s unlikely that a cat bell could reach the decibel level required to damage a cat’s hearing. The guidelines I checked are in reference to human ears but cats and humans have a similar range of hearing (). That said, I don’t recommend choosing a cat collar with loud bells as this increases the chance of damage.This bow tie cat collar is easily adjustable with steel buckle and eyelets. It comes with a cute tinkering bell that can be removed if you don't want to know hear your kitty's every moves. These collars are available in 6 different colors to suit every Cat's personality. An adorable accessory to make your cat or kitten more attractive and cool. Easy and comfortable to wear.