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He also creates ceramic fountains for pets, and sells them on his website, . I was taken with the clever original designs and beautiful glazes, but very glad to see that everything in these fountains was safe for cats. The fountains are designed with a low center of gravity so that they are virtually non-tippable. They utilize two separate filters: a wire mesh one to catch large particles, such as food or hair, and the second one, the same as those used in . The battery-operated pump is optional. There are 40 different glazes and combinations of these, all of which are certified non-toxic and lead free. Yes, the fountains are expensive, compared to some of the plastic electric powered brands. In my opinion, it might be worth the extra cost, for a longer life and the bonus of an attractive fountain with a whimsical frog, colorful flower, or other clever spouts providing the water stream.

An award-winning, battery-operated barrel of laughs…If cats had money, they’d buy one!

While not intended as a cat toy, does make a good battery operated cat toy. It works with both solar light and by battery so you can use it indoors or out. The fluttering is very realistic and sometimes unpredictable which awakens a cat’s instincts to hunt and pounce. The plastic butterfly does hold up well to cat attaches. Put it outside to keep your cat’s interest away from the birds or use it indoors to keep a sedate cat active. Since it’s made to stand by pushing the base into dirt, you do have to get creative indoors for setting it up for your cat or hold it yourself for play time with kitty.

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Foam disc shooter battery operated gun. (I hear this is a fun toy for cats...AND husbands. ;)) Although cats have a reputation for being low maintenance, don’t forget that they still require physical and mental activity. Sir Purrs-A-Lot might be too busy with his battery-operated toy to give you much attention, but know that he appreciates the effort you’ve put in.

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One toy I was super excited to bring home was a battery-operated mouse that moved across the floor on its own, changing direction sporadically to keep the cat challenged. One of my cats was even happy to run after the toy. Unfortunately, the toy crapped out before my cat could get tired of it. The motor worked fine (I changed the batteries to make sure), but it was the wheels themselves that didn’t work. After a few minus, the little mouse couldn’t even make it across the room.

Dec 15, 2016 - The cats were actually cat-size robots