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Just a quick warning…wondering if anyone else has experienced. I tried this with an outdoor string of lights and it worked like a charm! Tried with a toy and it didn’t work, so I finagled with the placement of the foil, battery positioning, turned the item off and on a few times and noticed that the batteries were getting extremely hot even when the toy was turned off. One battery actually looked like it was splitting at the seams. I tossed the whole thing in the backyard, afraid that the batteries would explode or catch fire. Never got the toy to work. Wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this.

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They sent me one to test and I’m quite impressed. The large suction cups hold the base on the window securely and the solar cell works immediately when exposed to direct sun. The cats love the dangly toy and I love that I don’t have to buy batteries!

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Cat Toy Activity Chase Game Kitten Fun Interactive Butterfly Battery Operated | eBay For fun factor, we do give the Cats Meow toy a paws up but the really bad battery life is a big negative. I also think that the latest version with just the one speed setting is a bit of a downgrade on the original product.

The Undercover Mouse Battery Operated Cat Toy

Best Battery Operated Cat Toys: Cat toys that move and make your kitty move. Keeping cats active keeps them trim and healthy. And it can keep them from getting into trouble indoors and out and solve problem cat behaviors. With these best...


Qqfactory cat toys whole toy electric battery operated doglemi pet cat toy electronic fish aquarium robofish battery powered swimming kid trax cat bulldozer 12 volt battery powered ride on battery powered roach toy for cats electronic fun cat kids ride on bulldozer 12v battery powered trax cat car tractor power wheels toy 2 of 9Unlike the Cats Meow, the SmartyKat Hot Pursuit toy uses 3 AA batteries (rather than the C batteries in Cats Meow). Now I actually find AA batteries easier to source and they are also slightly cheaper. Plus if your cat loves these toys as much as mine then you really need to get rechargeable batteries. Again I find rechargers for AA batteries much easier to find – and you may already have a set of rechargeable batteries in this size.Talking soft dog toy barking toys at arcata pet supplies best battery operated cat toys my dog ate money battery operated toy cat suppliers and cat toys battery powered the best for kids por battery cat toy lots from chinaThis is a pretty cool toy. I had thought about this when I saw videos of cats chasing the rumba vacuum robots either chasing for riding on top of them. This toy looks like it moves a little fast which would be challenging to a cat LOL. Do the batteries last a long time? Is this something you can turn on and leave the house and it would provide entertainment and expertise for hours?