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Our cats pick up fleas quite often because there are a lot of wooded areas near our house. One of our daughters decided to bath them to get rid of them. One tolerates baths well, the other less so, so these tips could come in handy for him.

Overweight or old cats have trouble grooming themselves, so a bath is necessary.

Before you bathe your cat, groom him carefully. andcomb his fur. Trimming your cat's claws before his bath makes it harderfor him to scratch you if he resists. Combing or brushing his fur helpsto remove excess dirt, mats and loose fur so his bath will leave himcleaner.

Indoor cats obvioulsy need less baths than outdoor cats

* Brush the cat's fur before bathing to remove any tangles or matting. You will need to hand: Good thick absorbent bath towels and plenty of them. Cat shampoo, not human shampoo, not even baby shampoo, not dog shampoo but shampoo specially formulated for cats. A least one large cup or mug, preferably plastic. A rubber mat for the bottom of the sink or bath, so your cat will not slide about and feel insecure.

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Cats bathe themselves daily, but that does not mean you don’t need to give them an occasional bath. A short or long coated cat will benefit from a bath at least a couple of times a year.

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Bathing a cat is not really a good idea because on the whole, cats don't much like water (unless they're Bengals, who positively enjoy splashing around in puddles).
Occasional bathing will also probably be needed for long-haired cats and essential for the Sphynx breed, whose lack of fur means that the oil produced by their bodies is not removed in the normal way. (Normally, excess oil is removed from a cat as their fur is either groomed out or falls out.)Cats have all they need to keep themselves clean, so giving a cat a bath is generally only necessary in extreme circumstances.

For example, if they get covered in an oily or toxic substance that they can't remove by themselves, or when they come into contact with something evil-smelling or get invaded by ticks or fleas.Cats groom themselves a lot as their saliva is important for the wellbeing of their skin. So, for the average healthy cat, brushing is enough. However there are circumstances when a bath can help cure a health condition, avoid intoxication or simply help the cat feel better:Cat bathing frequency has been the topic of many debates. As cats groom themselves a lot, a healthy cat cango her entire life without a bath; still, you may need to bathe her, soit's best to get her accustomed to bathing when she is still a kitten.Except for drinking, you won’t catch most cats coming close to water. The closest thing most felines see to a bath is their own tongue. Although that’s enough for most cats, sometimes they need to be bathed or groomed because they got tangled or for medical reasons. If you’re skeptical or fearful, try these ten […]