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My pets are brushed and checked for ticks every day, but they are all very active and need regular bathing as well - every couple weeks for the dogs, and about once a month for my cats. Yesterday was bath time for my pair of calico Persians and my French Bulldogs. I love to do this task myself when I am home, but since I was traveling, Carlos and Enma were happy to do the job. The most important tips to remember - go slowly, use lukewarm water and only mild pet shampoos, and if using a blow dryer, always position it to the lowest heat setting to prevent skin burns and irritations.

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Bath Cats and Dogs Home is an affiliated branch of the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and is one of the largest re-homing centres in the UK. Over 2,500 animals are sheltered, cared for and re-homed every year by the organization, which is based on the edge of the city of Bath.

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ClearQuest Bath Wipes are the perfect tool for keeping dogs and cats fresh and smelling great between baths. Most dogs and cats are easygoing and eager to please. They're generally more than happy to accommodate your wishes. The minute you suggest a bath, however, everything changes. Even though baths are relaxing and pleasant for most humans, they can be traumatic for animals; here are some suggestions for making the experience more comfortable.

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Smelly and dirty pets can be repulsive to the humans who share the same living space with them. Dogs are notorious for rolling on dead creatures or stinky unmentionable substances, and cats also become filthy from exploring dirty parts of the house or the great outdoors. To restore close contact with their beloved pets, owners may need to intervene by bathing them. Bathing your own pet requires patience, advanced preparation and having the appropriate tools, supplies and products on hand.

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Most people don’t really think cats need regular baths and haircuts. Cats, unlike dogs, can groom themselves. They lick their coats to remove dead skin and hair (that’s why cats cough up hairballs), and keep their nails in check by scratching against rough objects (like your sofa, unfortunately). Cats usually only need an occasional brushing, to prevent mats and keep the coat looking healthy. Cats, unlike dogs, usually receive a haircut before their bath. According to David, our co-founder, co-owner, and grooming guru, the preliminary cut allows for an smoother bath, as it exposes the skin and makes it easier to clean the cat.WE CLEAN UP! The worst part of bathing your dogs & cats at home is the mess. At B&B Pet Stop, you can be as messy as you need to be; bathe and dry your pet then just walk away from the mess. WE CLEAN UP! That’s so great let’s just say it again: WE CLEAN UP.Dogs and Cats Hate Bath


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