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Hi everyone! My almost-8-month-old daughter just started crawling (wheee!) and we're baby-proofing our living room to give her some space to crawl (up to now she's only been allowed on the floor in her tiny bedroom.) The doorway between the living room and kitchen has no door, and I was just about to buy a pressure baby gate for the doorway to keep baby out of the kitchen when I realized that our cats (who have the run of the house every where but the baby's room) won't be able to get to where the litter box is if I keep a pressure gate there. Have any of you had this situation and if so how did you find a way to keep baby out of a room while allowing the kitties access? Many thanks in advance for any advice you have for me. *Peace*!

anyone know if they make baby gates with pet doors at the bottom, for cats??

All three products reviewed here are made by Carlson with different features. Cute doggie gates. Carlson keeps dominating the market of pet gates for cats. All have their own attributes. Ultimately it’s up to you to decide which to go with. But hopefully these reviews steer you in the right direction. I consider these the Top rated baby gates available on the market. Look no more if you checking for dog gates indoor.

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anyone know if they make baby gates with pet doors at the bottom, for cats?? I got a baby gate from bed bath and beyond that has a little per door in it! I absolutely love it. The cats can get into the kitchen where their food and litter is but Theo can't follow. It even has a door on it for me when I need to get in there (I'm only 5', jumping these things is impossible!)

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Your looking for a baby gate with cat door. Check out that link. They give some good reviews on them. I recommend a carlson brand. They make really good ones for people that own cats.

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edited to say: the baby stores most likely will not have this option. this is considered a "pet gate", NOT a "baby gate". It specifically says in the instructions when setting it up that a baby could get stuck in the cat door if they try to go through it. Obviously you dont have to worry about this until your kid is mobile, but it is something to keep in mind for this type of gate.Babies and pets are playful. That’s just their nature. So they need an safe guard especially around hazardous areas. You may also be looking for real good dog gates indoor that allow your cat to roam the house while maybe your toddler and dog stay in within the boundaries. There are so many pet gates available. This is why you might find it difficult to choose the right one. If your looking for the baby gate with door on the market or affordable baby gates in general. Here are some points to consider before going to the market:Yup, most healthy cats of any age can make the jump over a gate. We installed a metal pet gate at the top of our stairs to keep the dog from going down (he'd leave presents when he was unhappy with us), and the cats jump it all the time. I never found a gate with a cat door that didn't look small enough for a baby/toddler to get through. And my one cat is huge--16lbs--so he would need a bigger than average cat door anyway. He jumps the gate just fine, both coming up the stairs and going down.To clarify though these pet gate with cat doors are really made to restrict your bigger pets. Like keeping your puppy in the kitchen. They will restrain your baby. But at around 2 years old your baby may be a good size. You may need to look into stronger gates. Still this baby gate is a top seller. Make sure to click on the pictures or links. They will take you to some amazon reviews.