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This feeder with its waterer combo is quite durable and may offer great stability. The automatic cat feeder for canned food works using gravity as well, which means it doesn’t use timers. If you want to feed and also supply water to two cats, this feeder may be a good option for you. For cats on a strict diet as well, this product may be a good option.

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I wanted to make an automatic DIY water feeder for my dog's Blu and Whitney. I seen these automatic water feeders in stores and they are just too expensive and they don't hold as much water as I would like them to; so I set out to make my own and this is what I came up with.

First off you'll need a base; something that will hold your water so your cat's or dog's can drink out of; next you will need a base that will hold your five gallon water jug; you will be placing one or two holds in the base that will hold the water jug. Don't put too many holds and don't make them too large; all you need is one or two pin holes; fill up the base that your pets will be drinking the water out of first; next up turn your filled with water five gallon water jug upside down into the base that's going to hold it with the holes in it.

Now your cat's or dog's are free to drink as much water as they like all day long; as they drink the water it will automatically fill up. Your dog's are not going to die of thirst now because they have all the water they need on hand at their demand.

You can refill or clean this DIY automatic water feeder as often as you like. The five gallons of water can easily last two pets depending on their size and how often they drink water for two weeks or more.

Thanks for watching, subscribe, like, comment and share. Let me know if you made one for your pets. Click on the link below to see my updated version which is much easier to make; I like the newer one better because it was so easy to make and I already had everything laying around the house!!!!!


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Automatic water feeder hack
keep your pets hydrated at all times
your cat's and dog's will love this
easy to make; easy to use and your will have peace of mind knowing that your pet's will have water at all times

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PetSafe® Eatwell 5 Meal Automatic Pet Feeder.

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