Automatic Cat Feeders and Fish Feeders for Pond and Aquarium

Characteristics :
Automatic Pet Feeders work for all sizes of pets.
Clear storage containers on feeders enable visibility from all angles and far distances.
Airtight covers on storage containers keep food fresh.
The large opening in the food store bin of the feeders enable easy restocking of pet food.
Precise feeding of food is accomplished with this feeder by using high torque 24VAC synchronous motor.
Metal over molded self-lubricating nylon auger prevents jamming and provides a smoother and quieter performance.
Food agitator is included in large and medium feeders to prevent food from getting stale.
Safety interlock switch and safety baskets disable the feeder in the event that the storage container is removed.
Unlike vertical augers in other automatic feeders, this feeder has a horizontal feed auger system, providing precise control over feed rate.

Other applications for the Autopondfeeder:
Feeding dry, solid food for other animals in zoos and parks.
Feeding birds outdoors with any kind of bird seed.
For providing treats to pets as a reward for doing something as reinforcement of good pet behavior.
Adding chemical pellets in swimming pools.
Adding a broad spectrum of bioactive cultures that have the ability to digest and liquefy organic wastes in septic tanks, pools etc.
Other situations wherein dry powder or pellets need to be dispensed at pre determined time into a system.

Best automatic cat feeder for vacation or every day use to feed your cats or other small pets indoor or outdoor.

Also, buy a unit that has a secure nozzle system. Most cats are creative and mischievous; they will do anything to get more kibbles before feeding time. The outdoor automatic cat feeder has good nozzle systems to prevent breaking in.

Weatherproof outdoor models available

May 13, 2015 - Outdoor automatic cat feeder, CSF-3XL, with analog timer for outdoor use to feed multiple cats. The Pet Feedster is designed to combat the problems of other automatic pet food dispensers such as clogged chutes and claws getting trapped when your cat tries to reach in for more food. The Feedster is fully adjustable, jam proof and very safe. It can be used indoors or outdoors.

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The Autopondfeeder is an Automatic Pet Feeder designed for outdoor locations such as garages, basements, patio, barns, etc; but may also be used indoors. The Automatic Pet Feeder can be used by people with busy schedules to reduce their daily amount of chores and continue to feed their pets in an outdoor or indoor environment at the appropriate time with preset quantity of food.

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NOTE: TIMER STYLE MAY VARY BUT WILL HAVE SAME FEATURES. THIS IS A GOOD DEAL WITH AN EXTREMELY EASY TO PROGRAM ANALOG TIMER WITH NON REMOVABLE TABS! Mount it to a wall or 2x4 stud in your garage, a pipe, porch, or simply place it on a tray. This feeder can be electronically adjusted to feed from a very small amount to a cup or more with multiple cycles. Combo Deal includes: CSF-3 38oz cat feeder with one 1.5 gallon hopper, two tough polycarbonate 2-cup clear extensions, installed polycarbonate chute cover protective device, black powder-coat metal mounting bracket, strap and other hardware, 50' of wire to reach your feeder, a 12 volt OUTDOOR APPROVED power adapter and an outdoor approved 24-hr ANALOG TIMER (ACAT-32) WITH UP TO 48 DAILY CYCLES. REMEMBER THAT YOU MAY ALSO USE A HOME AUTOMATION MODULE OR JUST ABOUT ANY OTHER TIMER TO PROGRAM THE NUMBER OF TIMES YOU WANT TO TRIGGER FEEDING CYCLES. Voltage required: Power supply (supplied) 110-240VAC 50-60Hz 12VDC output indoor type and 120V 12VAC output outdoor type. All timers 120V 60Hz- Wi-Fi Socket 110V-240VAC 50-60Hz. USA style plugs only-not battery operated.

When mounting this feeder outdoors, make sure you protect the chute opening from animals like raccoons with a guttering system or enclosing the feeder appropriately. CHUTE COVER IMPORTANT NOTE: EVEN THOUGH THE CHUTE COVER WILL PROTECT THE CHUTE OPENING FROM THE OUTDOOR ELEMENTS, IT WILL NOT PROTECT INTRUSION BY LARGE ANIMALS, PARTICULARLY RACCOONS WHO COULD BREAK IT OFF. THE CHUTE AREA SHOULD BE ADEQUATELY PROTECTED BY AN EXTERNAL DEVICE OR THE FEEDER INSTALLED IN AN ENCLOSURE OF SOME TYPE AS SHOWN THROUGHOUT OUR WEBSITES WITH PAST CUSTOMER PICTURES.Waterdog automatic outdoor pet drinking fountain new style dog automatic feeders hanging pets drinking water head device fg china oxgord pet fountain water and bowl feeder with filter convenient for humans a must have outdoor pets the hydro pet is an automatic water bowlBlitz Auto Wata Outdoor Automatic Pet Waterer 11790 Feeders Dog Pet Auto Filling Clean Water Bowl Hydro Diy Circulating Dog Water Bowl You Everfull Automatic Pet Waterer 13 Quart You Automatic Pet Water Bowl Dog Outdoor Waterer Cat Auto Self Pet Water Bowl Dog Outdoor Waterer Cat Auto Self Watering Dispenser Best Outdoor Auto Fill Dog Pet Water Bowl Clean The Hydro Feeders Waterers The Best Waterdog Automatic Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain The Green Head Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer You 17 Best Ideas About Dog Water Bowls On Rooms Cute Pet Water Bowl Dog Outdoor Waterer Cat Auto Self Watering Dispenser Pet Water Bowl Dog Outdoor Waterer Cat Auto Self Watering Dispenser H20 Animal Hydration Flow Automatic Waterer Water Trough Business Automatic Pet Dog Water Bowl Drink Feeder Dish Animal Automatic Dog Water Promotion For Promotional Pets Pictures Of Woofdah S New Building Best Doggy Daycare In For Lifeer Automatic Dog Waterer You Drinkwell Indoor Outdoor Dog Fountain Pet Self