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Hi. Thank you for your reviews and information. It is very interesting.
I have a single indoor cat that is fed dry food during the day (left out for her to eat when ever she wants) and a wet meal once a night, around 8pm.
What automatic feeder would you recommend for us going on vacation for up to 7 days? Is there any product out there that automatically keeps the wet food cold and fresh and simply pushes it out at a set time? Of course if it could also push out dry food once a day (say in the morning) and even cover the lid of the old food would be great! We have ant problems here being in the tropics too. Thank you


Pet Mountain's Electric Cat Feeders store features top quality products from the most trusted names in cat care, feeding and equipment, including Cat Mate, Aspen Pet, and Petmate. The comes from the first company to develop the concept of automatic pet feeders. Whether working late or away for a weekend, all Cat Mate feeders ensure fresh meals will be reliably served at the correct time, automatically. The ideal weekend feeder, serves up to 5 meals at the pets' normal meal times. Twin ice packs help keep food fresh in the 5 large food bowls. The is an easy to program, portion-control feeder for your pet. Set up to 3 automatic daily feeding times, to predetermine how much food your pet gets -even when you're away from home! Studies have shown that feeding your pet smaller meals over the course of the day can prevent pet obesity and lead to better health. Unfortunately, most working people can't get home to feed the dog at lunchtime, and many will forget to put out his breakfast in their rush to get out the door in the morning! The Le Bistro Feeder eliminates this problem for good! The has two separate 48 hour timers. The C-20 is a rectangular bowl with two separate lids. Each opens separately according to your pre-set time. It contains a built-in icepack to keep food fresh if you prefer to feed wet food.

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√ Best 7 dish shaped or flip-lid automatic cat feeders wet food or mix diet -- The Catzenpup Automatic Feeder is the only feeder in the world to allow busy pet parents to feed their cat or dog WET FOOD when they are at work, sleeping in, running errands, at the gym, picking up kids, or thousands of other things knowing that their pet will be fed a FRESH, HEALTHY, newly opened wet food meal at the pet's required feeding time. The Catzenpup feeder supports both pet and parent in the following ways:

The Catzenpup Automatic Pet Feeder is an affordable, smart, and attractive patent pending product that gives pet parents the freedom to keep up with their busy lives, while still being a great parent!

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Thanks. We agree, that is a major drawback of automatic cat feeders. There are though, some varieties which are intended for wet food, which contain several refrigerated containers, which open at a preset time. We haven’t tried them, though.

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