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Petsafe 2-meal automatic pet feeder isn’t perfect, but can get the job done if you’re looking for an inexpensive feeder. The product is lightweight so if your cat is highly food motivated, smart or aggressive, this unit it is not for your cat. Timers on this feeder are not accurate, so it would not work if you need very precise feeding times or to feed two cats with one tray each.

Handmade automatic cat food feeder using Raspberry Pi and a servo motor.

This automatic pet feeder has a name fit for a luxury car and a price tag to go with it. At around $150 to $200, you might at first think twice before buying this one. However, this automatic cat food dispenser lives up to its price tag.

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Automatic Cat Feeders Automated Pet Water Feeder Timers Auto Cat Food Feeders Automatic food dispensers can be noisy, although most cats will get used to the noise and begin to associate it with the positive occurrence of a food drop. The dispenses can jam if you put the wrong type of food or size of kibble in, or just because most machines will eventually break down. If your cat is strong enough and the feeder you bought is not heavy or secure enough, he may be able to tip over or open the feeder.

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This is a safe automatic feeder that makes efficient use of electric energy for serving cats with the best of food. The holding size, serving timer and other benefits of this feeder makes it one of the best feeders to have. This machine qualifies to be one of thebest automatic cat feeders easily because of the amazing benefits it has.

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This is where the automatic pet feeder comes into its own. There is no real magic to weight loss. Simply move more, eat less. But even for people this simple formula can be troublesome. The traditional hunter that would sleep then hunt has been replaced by a sedentary being who no longer needs to do those short bursts of hunting activity up to 7 times daily to survive. The most exercise many cats get is walking to the food bowl then seeking another sunny spot to rest in. Not ideal for the waistline.The ideal way to use the automatic pet feeder for weight loss is to continue feeding wet food or meat twice daily for breakfast and dinner, but allocate a very small amount of dry food for those other small snacks throughout the day and night. You may find a teaspoon is all you need for those additional 5 small meals from the automatic feeder. Just enough of a snack to keep the metabolism going and reduce that feeling of starvation during the dieting phase.Of course the limitation with the automatic feeders is that you can’t store meat or wet food in there. As a vet I am a big advocate of raw meat and high protein foods for cats. Most dry food is incredibly calorie dense and has a much higher carbohydrate composition than is ideal for cats. When selecting a dry food, find one that has as much meat protein as possible, definitely not corn, soy or other grains first on the list of ingredients. The Petnet(io) SmartFeeder technology can also help with food selection. It is connected to a database of thousands of pet foods and can help you choose foods that are higher in meat protein and without fillers and artificial ingredients.Our automatic cat feeders have 6 full cup compartments to fill with cat food. You don’t have to worry about someone putting a bowl out for your cat any longer.