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If you’ve previously had a negative experience with an automatic cat litter box that had a tiny space for a waste bin, this waste bin is exactly the opposite and you won’t be disappointed again.

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While some customers have been content with this device, there have been way too many complaints to recommend the Nature’s Miracle Single Cat Automatic Litter Box to other cat owners. Most reviews state the customer is not happy with this device, particularly in the price point.

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Based of customers reviews I don’t consider this unit as desirable as other automatic cat litter boxes. We are going to start by revealing that we have no first hand experience of our cats using a PetSafe Continuous-Clean Litter Box.

This review is based upon various customer reviews on Amazon and around the web.

Automatic cat litter boxes do come in some rather surprising shapes. This one struck us as looking somewhat like a giant cake mixer, the kind that has a bowl and stand! Take three eggs, one and a half cups of clumping litter and a good sized cat, mix well . . . no don’t do that. :0)

Seriously though, the concept of the Continuous-Clean seems interesting. The litter tray is round like a shallow bowl and it continuously rotates very, very slowly.

Lumps and clumps are taken towards a conveyer where they are carried up and into a plastic container.

Before you cry “My cat ain’t going to sit in a moving litter box!”

My review on Natures Miracle Automatic Litter Box Multi-Cat.

If you choose a fancy system to collect the waste that works in theory but not in practice you will find yourself wasting your money. You need to invest in a self cleaning system that works and it’s proven to work. Check reviews and percentage of satisfaction when buying an automatic cat litter box.

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