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One of the largest cat litter companies, Fresh Step, has come up with an answer to your cat's litter box aversion. Another herbal blend, this formula claims to attract cats back to their litter boxes as well as aiding in training kittens to start using a litter box. You can use this product with any litter.

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Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract Cat Litter is no different than any random litter you can pick up, except it is much more pricey. I bought this when my cat suddenly decided she hated her litter box. I thought maybe this would entice her to use her litter box; however, it did nothing. This litter was just your typical cat litter and did not attract her to the litter box. One thing I did like about this litter was the lack of dust when you poured it.

This litter is EXPENSIVE. I have no idea why it costs so much because it is just your basic litter! I do love that when you pour it there is no dust flying up into your face. The littler did nothing to attract my cat to her box. It did nothing for odor control but it clumped well. Literally, this is just your typical litter. There is nothing special about it and it does not do what it claims.

I do not recommend this litter. You are paying a ridiculous amount for your average cat litter.

Moisture Absorption

Ease of Cleaning

Odor Control
Little below average.

Ease of Use
No dust when you pour it!

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Preciou Dr Elsey 39 S Cat Attract Litter Giveaway Review If litter-pan reluctance is a problem with your cat, Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Attract could be the solution. It's a favorite among veterinarians and cat experts, who say this herb-scented, clumping cat litter does a great job encouraging proper behavior with cats that tend to urinate outside the litter box. It's also safe for kittens, and perfect for training them to use the litter box.

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Cat Attract™ is the answer for problem cats that will not use their litter boxes. It contains a unique herb mixed in with a premium scoopable litter to attract cats to the litter box. Once they are there, the litter’s ideal texture and particle size encourages digging and use. Every bag of Cat Attract™ contains a Dr. Elsey Litterbox Solutions booklet to help your cat come back to its litterbox.

Preciou Dr Elsey 39 S Cat Attract Litter Giveaway Review

Cat Attract Cat Litter by Precious attracts your cat to do his or her "business" in the litter box instead of outside the box. It contains herbal attractants and ideal clay textures to naturally make your cat want to use the litter box. Cat Attract Cat Litter by Precious is also great for training kittens, and comes in an easy-to-store, easy-to-pour cubed bag and a free booklet to help you solve litter box issues. Choosing the right kitty litter can be a daunting task. FromCat Attract litter to all natural cat litter to clumping or flushable cat litter, there aredifferent products designed to meet different needs. With so many litters onthe market, each claiming to be better than the others, it’s been difficult forme to decide which litter truly deserves my endorsement, and which company’sproducts are ones that I can stand behind. Of course, when it comes to choosingthe best cat litter, my opinion matters, but so does the opinion of my cats.