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As cats age, they seem to slow down or not do activities as they used to. This could be because of pain in their joints. This video shows some cats that are impaired due to degenerative joint disease or arthritis. It can affect cats as early as 1 year old but more typically cats over 10-especially if there is a weight problem. Our lab works to find ways to assess and treat pain with the help of grants, donations and University funding.

These approaches are commonly recommended for the treatment of arthritis in cats:

Sea cucumbers are marine animals that are related to urchins. They contain nutrients, such as mucopolysaccharides and chondroitin, as well as vitamins and minerals, that strengthen and maintain healthy cartilage. For cats with arthritis, products containing sea cucumber, like SeaCuMax, can have anti-inflammatory effects that reduce pain and improve mobility.

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Some of the drugs that can be used to relieve pain for cats with arthritis include: Medications that can help with arthritis include glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate made for cats. Cortisone must be used carefully to prevent diabetes because these drug have other side effects. Pain medications called NSAIDs are available but are only labeled for short-term use. Onsior is one that is approved for use after surgery but only for three days. Omega 3 fatty acids in food or as a supplement can also be of benefit.

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Limping, lameness, decreased activity, stiffness, reluctance to stand, climb stairs, run and jump. Cats become reluctant to move and often have accidents outside the litter box. Suggested home adjustments to assist older arthritic cats include moving food and water bowls to lower surfaces, adding ramps to allow easier access to favorite sleeping spots and placing low-sided litter boxes within easy reach. Cat Arthritis is a painful, progressive condition that destroys the cartilage and connective tissue, which normally act as a cushion and absorb shock between bones and joints.

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Inflammation occurs with arthritis in cats and dogs, and are proven to reduce swelling, heat, and pain that characterize inflammation. Because Omega 3 fatty acids reduce inflammation, if your pet is taking them and your pet injures a joint, they may sustain less joint damage than they would have if your pet was not receiving them. In addition to benefiting the joints, fatty acids have been proven to benefit the brain, learning and behavior, the skin, kidneys, and other internal organs. Although it may be difficult for cats and dogs with arthritis to move as easily as they once did, exercise is still an important part of your pet's life. You should always check with your veterinarian first before allowing your pet to exercise. Swimming is often a popular exercise alternative for arthritic dogs (as long as your dog is comfortable swimming). If walking your pet, consider using a which can allow you to carry your pet if he or she becomes tired.