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The Armarkat Classic Cat Tree is a combination of perches, shelves, or platforms, condos, and cradles, which are covered with beautiful soft faux fleece, or faux fur, which is easy to clean, and much tougher than it looks.

An Armarkat Classic Cat Tree can either be vacuumed or brushed clean. There are 8, very popular models, covered in this video.

Each Armarkat Classic Cat Tree has scratching posts, which are covered with good quality sisal rope, and are great for your cat to really sink its claws into, and use to climb upon.

Armarkat Classic Cat Tree A6501|Cat Furniture & Towers

Every Armarkat Classic Cat Tree can either be placed against a wall, in a corner, or simply left free-standing. discount cat furniturediscount cat furniture get your cat a quality cat tree cat scratching post cat bed catclassic cat trees page 1 armarkat online storearmarkat cat tree classic classical design lasting quality afforable

Armarkat Classic Cat Tree B5701|Cat Furniture & Towers

The Armarkat B5701 57 Inch Cat Tree is a classic. Made from faux fleece, this tree is easy to assemble and a favorite of felines everywhere. It has five levels plus a small "condo" to keep cats cozy. This product is incredibly easy to assemble, and comes with not only a 6 month warranty but also a 7 day money back guarantee.

Classic Cat Tree A5801 - Armarkat Online Store