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If you get tired of finding gross cat litter all over your house, the Arm & Hammer Stay Fresh Cat Litter Mat with Scatter Control is the perfect solution for you. With its unique rubber webbing, litter falls off your cat's paws and is captured and held within the mat itself. All you have to do is lay the mat at the entrance to your cat's litter box and you are done. When it gets dirty, just take the mat outside and shake the litter out of it. No more litter trails coming out of your cat's litter box.

Arm & Hammer Cat Dental Rinse is the easy and effective way to help look after your cat's teeth.

Add an extra boost of freshness to your litter box. Arm & Hammer baking soda destroys odors instantly in all types of litter – so your box stays first-day fresh longer. Moisture activated scent refreshes litter every time your cat uses the box, and innovative technology helps prevent clumps from sticking to the bottom of your box.

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And, use the $2/1 Arm & Hammer Slide Cat Litter coupon found in the 3/5 SS (limit 1) Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Clumping Litter's stronger formula (vs. previous product) immediately attacks intense new odors and destroys lingering ammonia, allowing your litter box to work faster and stay fresher, longer.

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Rather than scrubbing, scraping and blasting litter from the cat box with a pressure washer, Arm and Hammer recommends Slide clumping cat litter for easy cleaning. It slides right out and guarantees a seven day odor-free home.

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