They have limited physical strength, but then, so do small dogs

Floyd (first photo) came to Faithful Friends Animal Society and was named after the hurricane, as he was quite a disaster. He had a bad case of ringworm, a detached retina and needed ongoing medical care. After his ringworm cleared and his eye was removed, he was ready to start his new life. Faithful Friends was able to provide the medical care he needed and Floyd was soon in the loving arms of a new family!

Louise (second photo) was brought to Faithful Friends with a wound and, after months of quarantine, she was extremely shy and took a long time to warm up to strangers. Then, a nice lady walked in and spent some time with her. Louise immediately took to the visitor, and a match was made. Louise went from being extremely shy and scared to loving life as a lap cat!

Bogart (third photo) had a wonderful home with an owner who loved him. When his owner passed away, her family tried to care for Bogart as they knew how much he meant to their mother. But allergies prevented Bogart from remaining with the family and he was brought to Faithful Friends. Bogart was a handsome, friendly cat and lived in our manager's office. Unfortunately, since he was a black cat and also had diabetes, he was often overlooked by visitors and potential adopters. With added marketing highlighting our diabetic cats, Bogart was featured on our Facebook page, where a loving family saw his photo and came to visit. It was love at first site! Having cared for a diabetic cat in the past, they were not fearful of any medical care and were amazed by how quickly Bogart warmed up to them. He loves the children in his life and is finally back in a loving home where he belongs.

Jun 18, 2009 - Are Cats faithful pondering the arrival of a new overlord

Our rescue partners have cats of all ages and personalities for adoption. Whether you are looking for a playful kitten or an adult lap cat, you're sure to find the perfect rescue cat here. Adopt from a rescue partner and your first exam at Faithful Friends is free!

they allow us to live with them in our own houses

The separate article Are Dogs More Faithful Than Cats compares some aspects of feline and canine behaviour Cats -the perfect companions

It is believed that the dog - it is the most faithful friend of man, butbelieve me, cats are not inferior to them in this indicator. This is especiallynoticeable when dealing with women. They always find a common language, and sometimes,in addition to the cat, the woman does not need nobody else.

When we understand cats, we know they can be loyal. - the Way of Cats

I was looking for a characteristics of faithful functors without involving setS and then tried to see if they are just monics in Cat.

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Faithful Friends Animal Society is a private, nonprofit, animal welfare organization with a no-kill shelter serving Delaware and surrounding communities. Faithful Friends does not euthanize animals to make space for others. Cats and dogs in our care stay with us until forever homes are found. They receive lots of love and attention in addition to top-notch care.Cats form attachments to humans but are not submissive and will not tolerate the same amount of abuse that a dog will. Cats do not have a sense of their rank in a pack and do not consider that it is your birthright to bully them into faithfulness. A mistreated cat will leave if it can. A mistreated dog will often come back for more because it learns that its place in the human pack is the pariah position.