Aquarium plants that are safe for cats

Generally this is an easy feat, especially for veterans of the fishkeeping world. The answer almost wholly derives from a simple task called water changes. The changing of poor-quality water with some that is significantly better is usually enough by itself to maintain most systems sufficiently. Sometimes fishes are pickier about water chemistry parameters such as pH, hardness, or salinity. Thankfully, gulper cats are not picky about such things, and clean, well-balanced fresh water is about all they need to stay healthy in aquariums. Of course, extremes in pH and hardness should be avoided. Keep the water as close to neutral as possible, and always keep a careful eye on nitrogen compounds (i.e., ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate). Any nitrogen compound should be kept as close to zero as possible at all times. Usually in systems that have many fishes in them, it will be close to impossible to maintain a zero reading of nitrate. This is fine, as long as levels do not exceed 200ppm, and a level closer to 50ppm is a better goal to strive for.

I read that many of the aquarium plants are toxic for cats and I would like to know which ones are safe.

Inside the app, you get a never-ending-mode for cats with no levels, and no scores – just fish coming in and out of the aquarium – your cat can swat at them to make them explode into bubbles. For kids or adults, there’s a level-based playing mode where you can compete for the top score through GameCenter.

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Get an aquarium for the cats. I open up my latest Drs. Foster & Smith catalog for cats, and they have a non-scrip antibiotic for aquariums called Fish-Mox that also can be used for cats. 100 caps at 250mg each. I was told that I need to consult my vet as to how much to administer to a 14 lb cat.

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Most catfishes, gulper cats included, are not picky about the quality of their water. However, many other fishes are, and if the gulper cats are housed with other ornamental species then it will be in your best interest to maintain as healthy an aquarium as possible for them. That said, maintaining a healthy, well-balanced aquarium can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be. In most cases the feeding schedule and the type of foods offered will largely dictate just how stable the water chemistry will remain. When dealing with large and semi-large fishes that are predatory in their dietary requirements, chances are it will take a bit of work to maintain the system to acceptable levels.

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