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Any suggestions on how to calm my male Siamese before bathing him in Dawn and warm water? I know he will freak out! Also , we used a spot treatment ( Sergeants) only a couple of weeks ago and it did not help at all, so I want to get a better one ( Frontline or Advantage) but I am afraid to apply it too soon. What is the general rule on that? He weighs 15 or so pounds, and the one I applied was for cats over 12 pounds ( so I think he did not really get maximum effect anyway, and he has a very thick coat..although we did get it into his skin). I just do not want to apply another treatment too soon. Thanks for your helpful site!!

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The first step in safely applying to both dogs and cats is to effectively acquire the right Frontline product. As there are three different types of Frontline products available, including , , and , pet owners first need to know which product is applicable for their pet, as well as know how to apply the correct dosage. Fortunately, Frontline Plus and Frontline Top Spot feature single-use pipettes, and pet owners need to determine the correct dosage for the Frontline Spray based on weight. Additionally, with Frontline Plus and Top Spot, it is important to pay attention to package labeling and to acquire the correct pipette size, such as .

She was a real lap cat and as docile as, well….a kitten.

With the help of nurse Emma, this short video will show you how to easily apply Frontline for cats to help control fleas and lice in cats. Visit our website . Manchester West Veterinary Hospital expert Linda Wright explains the best way to apply Frontline flea and tick preventative to dogs and cats.

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I realize this topic is old, but some may still have this question. Yes, it is possible for cats, particularly the smaller felines, to lick in the area between the shoulder blades.

My kitties are two such limber buggers. Since I now know where they can reach, I apply the Frontline a little higer, more toward the back of their neck where they cannot reach except with some paw wiping action (difficult) They'll still try to lick it though - funny to watch them try.

Now does front line work as well as it once did with the newer breeds of fleas? That's a discussion for another day.

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