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Last but not the least; always look for the best cat condo ratings and best cat house Amazon user reviews by other owners before you make a purchase.

Amazon has some pretty amazing deals on these HUGE cat condos and you will score FREE shipping:

I bought the Armarket Cat Tree last week for $77.00 and now it is $56. My blind cat loves it! I am contacting Amazon about getting a refund on the price difference. Thanks!

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Kitty Mansions Huge Cat Tree Condo House Amazon Jungle Gym Beige New | eBay Whilst it maybe upside down! This feline is still enjoying sitting in her kitty camper! This cat condo is great as an alternative to large ugly cat trees and acts as great interactive cat toys! Great for adult cats and kittens. Available on Amazon USA, UK and the website.

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We have one really tall window (among smaller ones) and it would be cool for him to look out. So I've been researching and researching cat trees on Amazon, Overstock, Petco etc. and getting absolutely no where. They all appear to have four stars for the most part, but if you scroll down and read the one and two star reviews, the perches are too small, the pasteboard construction is flimsy, the carpet falls apart after a month, the whole thing smells like glue or urine etc.

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Carb-certified Merax Cat Tree Cat Tower House with Condo Scratching Post * Be sure to check out this awesome product. (This is an Amazon affiliate link)The Tabby Cat Nap Tree features some of the same interactive elements that higher-end cat castles do. The support columns are covered with sisal rope, which should satisfy a cat's natural scratching instinct. The unit is very tall, which serves as an enticement for cats who feel more comfortable up high. There is a dangling toy on one platform, but some owners complain that the ball and string were completely destroyed within a month. There's a kitty condo, but the padding is thin; owners might consider adding a small blanket or towel to make the space more inviting. The main concern we have with this cat tree model is the design. Cats might be able to climb to the highest platforms, but there is no logical arrangement for lateral movement to other elements. If a cat does not feel safe and secure, it will probably lose interest in the cat tree over time. Also, customers tell us that the faux fur covering is not quite as durable as carpeting and is prone to damage after repeated scratching.I first saw the Curious Cat Condo at my neighbor’s place. His Himalayan wouldn’t leave it for the best cat treat in the world. He was absolutely in cat heaven resting away and playing with the attached toys. Upon some investigation, I discovered that this was the bestselling cat condo on Amazon. "This amazing cat condo has many features, including a sisal rope scratch post, a large front entrance to the condo, a spaceous top lounge area, a large opening in the top, and a 3-dimensional olive / toothpick . A work of art that cats and their owners can enjoy for years to come!"