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Clumping cat litters are those that are designed so that urine and feces can be removed easily from the box without having to empty the entire box. Most contain a material known as bentonite that allows the litter to form a nice solid clump as the litter absorbs liquid. There also alternative all-natural fibers that can help clump the cat litter tightly.

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For example, Swheat Scoop litter, marketed by Detroit Lakes, Minn.-based Pet Care Systems, relies on natural wheat enzymes to neutralize litter box odor, while wheat starches trap moisture and clump firmly for easy scooping. In addition to being safe to eat, Swheat Scoop and other plant-derived alternative litters are biodegradable and can be used as mulch or even flushed down the toilet. Swheat Scoop founder Mike Hughes estimates that more than 160,000 tons of nonbiodegradable cat litter ends up in municipal solid-waste landfills each year.

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If the above cat littler alternatives do not meet your needs then look for cat litters with eco-friendly characteristics, such as: You must’ve read my mind. As I was scooping my toxic cat litter just two days ago, I was thinking that there had to me a more natural alternative. And I just found out what it is. Thanks! I love you!
Here’s my cat story…
I have two kitties, and although I love them both equally, I think Motorboat loves me more than Moonshine. Every morning, she greets me with urgent meows, and she won’t stop until I follow her into the only carpeted room in the house and tell her to throw herself on the floor. She immediately throws her body down, stretches out, and bares her belly for a good rub down. She will occasionally do this during the day, but every morning is a given.
My other kitty, Moonshine, likes to jump onto the screen door and climb to the top to try to get the moths that are flying around outside. It freaked me out the first time she did it, but now I just think it’s cute.
I love my shelter kitties!

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I also love layer crumbles (chicken feed) as a litter that is easy on the environment and so very easy to clean up. It’s very similar to World’s Best … clumps a little looser, but a tiny fraction of the cost. I always try to keep two kinds of litter at a time (in separate boxes), though, and this is a great alternative that I think my cat(s) will love! It would also be imminently doable at the shelter where I work. We already use shredded paper, and we have unlimited access to discarded newspaper from our local newpaper office. The local Girl Scout troop has been looking for a service project and I’m thinking a whole lot of stars are aligning…

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