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My dog has severe allergies and has been under treatment by a dermatology vet for almost two years.. After switching up his allergy shots and exhausting medications including steroids she put Ollie on app quell.. He had a yeast ear infection when she did this.. After about a month of medication he still had the yeast infection so I looked up his medications online only to see that app quell can hurt a dogs immune system. I was angry I was never told this when she gave me the med. so I went back to my regular vet I trusted who pit Ollie on ever increasing steroids to try to kill this yeast infection. After two months and weight gain and labored breathing on steroids Ollie still has this yeast infection. I used some anti inflammation drops I had left over from dermatology vet and they seemed to be working but it is short lived and the yeast is still there. I feel apoquel has destroyed his ability to fight infections as before Ollie always responded well to treatments and now not at all. I’m at the end of the road here in my hopes for Ollie to be healthy. Ollie is a sweet beautiful springer spaniel.

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What the dog really needs is a medication that doesn’t have any side effects, is easily available without prescription, and is able to control the allergic reactions effectively. One product that has all these features is Zyrtec for dogs.

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Find Apoquel and other allergy and atopic dermatitis medications for dogs at America's Largest Pet Pharmacy, 1800PetMeds. Most dogs recover from an allergic reactions to antibiotics. Life-threatening symptoms are rare, and even anaphylactic shock can be treated as long as your dog gets emergency care in time. Your dog will likely have the allergy for life, however, so this will need to be managed. Any new veterinarian should be informed of all your dog’s known allergies. Discuss side-effects and the possibility of an allergic reaction anytime a new medication is prescribed, so you know what symptoms to watch for in your dog. If your dog has had an anaphylactic reaction to medications or other triggers, ask the veterinarian about getting a dog Epipen so that you have something on hand to use in case of another crisis.

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Antibiotic allergies are typically diagnosed because owners notice an unusual response when their dog begins a new medication. Rarely, dogs could also develop a new allergy to an antibiotic which previously didn’t cause a problem. There isn’t any way to test for an antibiotics allergy without actually giving the drug to your dog.

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