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I used to believe that all cats were female and all dogs were male.
I also believed that the monsters would eat me if I didn't have my cat with me at night. I thought that all monsters were afraid of cats!!!
And I was also convinced that my cat told my mom about all the naughty stuff I did, so I never misbehaved in front of her...

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It seems whenever cats and dogs are paired together, the dog will almost always be male while the cat will almost always be female. The cat will be , , but occasionally and...well.... The will be but .

Keep all cats and dogs indoors on and around the 4 th of July

I have a friend who used to think all dogs were male and all cats female. All Pets Veterinary Medical Center is a full-service AAHA accredited veterinary clinic specializing in dogs, cats, and exotic pets.

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Cats and dogs are equally at risk to become infected with internal parasites. Though most pet owners assume that if they keep their pet contained strictly in the house that…


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