2 Albino Channel Catfish are 8.99 ea.

We have a very large albino catfish. I am looking for a good home for him. We live in New York. Does anyone know where I could find out some more information on placing him. He is about 22 inchs long.

A Canadian man made a rare catch while fishing in Winnipeg when he snagged a large albino catfish.

HD video of my albino corydoras catfish. Showing how they sift through the gravel looking for food.

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3 or More Albino Channel Catfish are 7.99 ea.

I would love to buy some albino catfish. If you have any for sale please contact me. Thanks John But fishing charter groups keep track of the larger catches of normal and albino Wels catfish–which are popular throughout Europe and not found in the U.S.–and a spokesman for the British-based , which booked the Edwards-Herron charter, said these were the largest ever caught.

Albino Cory Catfish Photo by Sapienssolutions

But before Edwards’ bragging had begun to wane, Herron hooked up, and an hour later he landed an albino catfish that weighed 221 pounds, giving him bragging rights, and presumably the record.

that’s not a betta, that’s an albino cory catfish

Visitors to the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News got a surprise recently when they saw an albino catfish sucking on a pacifier in its tank.The fish, known only to the staff as the "Albino Catfish," was born in a hatchery. Due to its decreased chances of survival if released into the wild, it was turned over to the Virginia Living Museum to serve as an “animal ambassador.”