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If you have kittens or very small cats 8 weeks and older that weighs less than 5 pounds you have to b very careful what you use on them in your quest to get rid of their fleas. That’s why this Advantage II for kittens and small cats less than 5 pounds is so good. The dosage is the perfect size for them and you don’t have to worry about them getting too much of the solution for their tiny systems.

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I’ve been using Advantage for Dogs on cats for many years by purchasing the Dogs derivative and splitting it into smaller doses appropriate for my cat’s weight. This seemed to be a common practice with vets as the Active Ingredients of the Dogs and Cats derivatives were identical.
When Advantage II came out, I continued with the practice of using the Dog product on Cats only adjusting the dosage.
However, after a while, Bayer added a “Do not use on Cats” warning on the packaging of Advantage II for Dogs.
I can understand why Bayer would put such a warning from a marketing point of view. However, as the non-active ingredients are not listed on the packaging of either product, I’m not sure whether there might be another reason.

I was wondering if you had any insight on this question of using Advantage II for Dogs on Cats.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Jul 25, 2014 - For cats sticks with only Advantage or Advantage II

Frontline Plus and Advantage II are both OK for cats (if dosed properly). A topical alternative to oral flea medicine for cats, Advantage II for Cats may be a better choice for some felines and their owners. Applied once monthly, this treatment kills not only adult fleas but larvae and eggs as well.This odorless liquid is applied to the base of the skull and begins to take effect within 1 hour. Within 12 hours, fleas have been eliminated by coming in contact with the medication. It is not necessary for the cat to be bitten by fleas which are good news for cats with flea allergies.Flea eggs and larvae are eliminated after only 2 hours, by way of an additional insect growth regulator. The potency of the ingredients is not diminished by water although it may be best to use detergent free shampoos.​​The product is intended for adult cats and kittens over eight weeks old and at least 2 lbs. Boxes of 4 monthly doses are available for all weight ranges, and six monthly doses are available for small and large cats.

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I treated my 10 pound cat and my 12 pound dog with Advantage II, using the dosage recommended in this article. Even though the new package says do not use on cats, the ingredients and % are the same, and I had no problems. I applied to cat at base of skull so she could not lick it, and made sure she did not get close to the dog for a few days. All are well, healthy, and basically flealess! Occassionaly I find a flea, but the flea appears to be dying. The cat probably pcked-up the flea, brought it in, and I found it before it died. This works great! and is a real cost savings~!! Thanks so much for all your help! *Smile*

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Advantage II for Cats gets consistently high ratings from both vets and cat owners. Though it doesn't work for every cat, it's more reliably effective than any other product. One monthly dose, applied to the back of the cat's neck, kills adult fleas as well as eggs and larvae. Yes, the dosage is the same for Advantage and Advantage II. The difference between the products is this: Advantage required adult fleas to ingest the medication, at which point they would be impacted by the insect-specific neurotoxins and die. Advantage II kills fleas on contact, with the addition of three new chemicals to its formula, that makes your dog or cat’s skin an entirely inhospitable environment for pests. Eggs are killed before they hatch. Adult fleas are killed and will fall off, or will be washed off in your dog’s next bath.