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Sherry is a beautiful 2 yr old tuxedo with the sweetest personality. She loves attention, enjoys being petted and brushed and is a little purring machine. She will sit at your side and nuzzle for some love. She is afraid of other cats so an adult home where she can be your one and only is what she is looking for. kc Rescued in 2016.

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Polycystic disease of the kidney and liver was diagnosed in a 10-year-old spayed female Persian cat. Previous reports of renal and hepatic polycystic disease in dogs and cats have described only juvenile forms, with death at an early age. The cat of this report had large, fluid-filled kidney and liver cysts, compared with the relatively small, spongiform cysts of puppies and kittens. The clinicopathological findings in this adult Persian cat are comparable to the adult form of renal and hepatic polycystic disease of man.

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persian tabby adult cats | Adult Female Cat - Domestic Short Hair Tabby - Grey: (PKD) which causes kidney failure in affected adult cats has an incidence rate of 36–49% in the Persian breed. Cysts develop and grow in the kidney over time, replacing kidney tissues and enlarging the kidney. Kidney failure develops later in life, at an average age of 7 years old (ranging from 3 to 10 years old). Symptoms include excessive drinking and urination, reduced appetite, weight loss and depression. The disease is and DNA screening is the preferred method of eliminating the gene in the breed. Because of DNA testing, most responsible Persian breeders now have cats that no longer carry the PKD gene, hence their offspring also do not have the gene. Before DNA screening was available, ultrasound was done. However, an ultrasound is only as good as the day it's done, and many cats that were thought to be clear, were in fact, a carrier of the PKD gene. Only DNA screening and then breeding negative to negative for the PKD gene will produce negative kittens which effectively removes this gene from the breeding pool has allowed some lines and catteries to eliminate the incidence of the disease.

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Victorian Gardens Cattery has available retired breeder Persian and Himalayan adult cats and other adult cats to qualified adoptive homes. They have been deeply loved in our home. In most cases, our retired breeders have been our beloved pet for a good six years or more. We know our pets well, so please ask any question you might have about them. We are looking for a specific type of home based on the personality of our pet. If you are interested in any available adult shown on this page, please fill out the Kitten Application available on the . Please make sure to tell us how the specific cat will fit into your home.

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Our breeding adult Persian cats must pass a rigid set of standards for personality, expression, coat factor, heavy boning, and excellent health history. This enables us to produce the predictable quality of the offspring and ensure genetically pre-potent Persian kittens. Although titles are impressive, we believe the potency is foremost. All of my parents have been tested and are PKD1 DNA negative. All offspring are guaranteed.Donegal Cattery is a purebred Himalayan and Persian cat breeder producing Himalayan kittens and Persian kittens in various patterns and all possible colors, including chocolate & lilac. Donegal Cattery produces show, breeder, and pet quality kittens and will offer Himalayan kittens for breeding and Persian kittens for breeding to select breeders. On occasion we may have a young adult Himalayan or Persian available for breeding, also to select breeders. In addition, retired Himalayan breeding cats and retired Persian breeding cats (spayed or neutered) are available from time to time for adoption to “forever homes” and will be listed on this page in the retired adults available section.